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The bump chronicles #18: Baby hiccups… they’re a thing

Weeks pregnant: 29
Baby size in vegetables: Butternut squash

Little O is now what I would class as “massive” and I feel like I have achieved a size that could comfortably be referred to as Orca. Up until now my pregnancy hasn’t really affected me all that much physically but my bump now feels heavy for the first time to the point that my PT, who is notoriously tough, has softened up a bit on the Sumo squats and lunges since the sheer girth gets in the way. I also inadvertently knocked over my colleague’s water bottle the other day because I had lost track of the end of the bump and I am forever finding a bit of whatever I have been cooking on my top at bump level because it’s been interfering in the food.


Butternut squash… my favourite

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