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Summer holiday adventures

Age: 14 1/3 months
I like: Rice cakes, peaches, ice cream, stealing biscuits, pointing at the door and shouting, “go”, boobs, putting random stuff in the washing machine.

It’s been a bit quiet over here as the entire O clan has been in Menorca for a week on our summer holiday. Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain and is well known for beautiful beaches and balmly weather. This has made it a favourite holiday destination of the O’s in years gone by but this was their first trip in 10 years and my first ever.  Read more…

14 month update

Age: 14 1/3 months
I like: Ice-cream, my push along wooden dog, pretending everything is a phone, shouting “hi!” at the top of my lungs, boobs

Little O is officially 14 months old, so here is a little update between his two holidays, little jetsetter that he is. Read more…