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100 Days of Happiness: Day 81 – 90

My 100 Days of Happiness project is coming into the home stretch now and I’ve got mixed feelings. On one hand I’m going to miss looking out for a happy moment each day but on the other hand I won’t have the 10pm panic when I realise I haven’t remembered to document my day. Anyway with no more ado, here’s what happened over the last 10 days.

Day 81


Mr O and I discovered this fabulous flavoured coffee and I’m a bit obsessed with it. Looking forward to trying the other varieties.

Day 82


My brogues were falling apart so I was super excited to find these fringed buckle up ones in the Office sale. This was their first outing.

Day 83


Mr O and I have a massive herb and spice collection that I tend to just chuck onto the rack in a disorderly fashion but Mr O beautifully rearranged them. Very nice.

Day 84


Mr O had a day off from his hard life of tour guiding so he came and met me for lunch near my office. We went to our favourite Thai restaurant, which is also the scene of our second date.

Day 85


Last week I did another rifle through my wardrobe and sorted out this pile of clothes that are too big. It was exciting to realise that my journey to changing my body is continuing but a little sad because I had to part with some things I loved.

Day 86


Book club time again! This time the girls and I went to the Table Café for brunch. I had this amazing buttermilk pancake with bacon, maple syrup and caramelised bananas. Yum!

Day 87


Yes, this a picture of two tubs of butter. My mom taught me never to say no to a free sample and on this particular day they were handing these out on Oxford Street. I had to go up and down the road so I got one each way. Going to eat so much TOAST!

Day 88


I finally bought myself some new trainers. When I bought my first pair I never thought I was actually going to go to the gym so I cheaped out a bit. This time I went for something a bit more stylish… on sale of course. This was the new Nike Rosherun’s first trip to Zumba.

Day 89


On Thursday night I went to a party at the Haymarket Hotel to celebrate the 10th birthday of RetailChoice, which is one of my company’s websites. This is me and our fabulous events manager, Kathy.

Day 90


To help cheer myself up after parting with such a big pile of clothes I decided to have a little stroll around the sales. I came out with a pair of fierce mom jeans that I’m still not 100% sure I can pull off, a burgundy embroidered crop top and a pair of floral vans. All for only £50!

100 Days of Happiness: Day 71 – 81

I can’t believe another 10 days have past but I’m back on track with the project and I’ve remembered to take a picture  everyday!

Day 71


It was the weekend and Mr O brought me breakfast in bed. He is an outstanding husband and I am very spoiled.

Day 72


The excellent husbanding continued with this beautiful bunch of orange roses.

Day 73


I really love fruit salad but I’m also very fussy about what goes in it so I mostly only eat it when I make it. No browning apples or slimy bananas here.

Day 74


Wearing my awesome sailor PJs ready to slip into bed at the end of a long day.

Day 75


I absolutely love The Body Shop and all its amazing natural products. I also love all their epic special deals. I got this face wash and Body Butter for only £8 which was less than half price.

Day 76


There is nothing like summer in London. Barely a cloud in the sky. A beautiful day lifts everyone’s mood!

Day 77


I love my work colleagues so we all went out for drinks on Friday night and had an awesome time. Apologies for the demon eyes that my flash created.

Day 78


I’ve been desperately needing a haircut and I finally got to pop into the salon over the weekend. The fringe is back!

Day 79


On Sunday my friend, Em, and I went to Greenwich to take photos of special literature themed benches that are hiding out around the city (more about that later this week). I’ve been to Greenwich Park loads of time but I never knew there was an absolutely stunning flower garden right up at the top it. What an awesome discovery!

Day 80


I really, really didn’t want to go to the gym yesterday but I forced myself and I was really glad I did. This is my red, sweaty face which might say “kill me now” but is happy underneath. I promise.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 61 – 70

Some astute observers might realise that this post is a little more than 10 days after the last one. That’s because I actually missed a couple of days because I literally forgot. Work has been really intense and it’s distracted me from the project. I did consider giving it up but then I figured it’s not called 100 consecutive days of happiness and I really love the concept so I’m sticking with it… even if it’s a little late.

Day 61
On Tuesday last week I made an overnight trip to Brussels on the Eurostar for a meeting. I was feeling absolutely exhausted but coffee saved the day!

Day 62
Mr O bought this for me as a surprise treat. I am an absolute ice-cream fiend so I was thrilled. If you get a chance to try out one of these giant Oreo ice-cream sandwiches, take it. They are delicious.

Day 63
After a long day during a busy week nothing beats getting into bed. Especially if there is a lovely person im it next to you.

Day 64<
I tend to own simple, cheap gym wear mostly because I’m broke and when I started working out I never actually thought I’d stick with it but not long ago my friend, Karen, gifted me some gorgeous branded stuff that no longer fit her. These polka dot Nike leggings are my favourite and I’m happy to say I was the most stylish person in my Body Pump class last Friday.

Day 65
Freshly dyed hair! Hurrah to no more roots!

Day 66
I bought this vintage leather handbag when I was in Amsterdam. In the UK vintage handbags tend to be outrageously expensive and even more so if they’re real leather but I got this one for only €10! This was its first outing.

Day 67
Mr O had band practice on Tuesday night so I decided to go on a little solo trip to the movies to see Belle. Sometimes a date with yourself is the best!

Day 68
I’m not sure there is anything that tops spending your life with someone who makes you laugh all the time.

Day 69
Some work days just need to end with wine. This is me and my awesome colleague, Vikki, after a glass or two of red in our friendly neighbourhood gay bar. Whenever we go out together it always gets messy.

Day 70
Some weeks just need to end in takeout. That is all.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 41 – 50

I’m halfway through the 100 Days of Happiness challenge now and I’m still finding happy things every day. Although I have to admit that as the days go past I sometimes almost forget to capture them but fortunately I have always remembered at the last minute. I think the last ten days the theme has largely been about finding ways to de-stress from hectic times at work but focusing on happiness has definitely kept things in balance.

Day 41

41On this particular day it had been a little drizzly all day. I left my good brolly at my friend, Dawn’s house, a few weeks ago and I haven’t gotten around to collecting it so I was just managing without. On the way home something made me pop into Primark and buy a cheapie. It turned out to be absolutely the right idea because when I came out of the gym it was raining like the Armageddon… so I was really, really happy that I didn’t get wet.

Day 42


This is Mr O. He is gorgeous. I get to come home to him every night. It makes me very happy.

Day 43

I had a long and very hectic day at work and I was super glad to be on my couch with my feet up. Sometimes that’s the best feeling in the world.

Day 44

44About once a month my book club gets together. Sometimes we do calm things like go for a run or have brunch but more often than not it’s just a lot of drinking and a lot of giggling and inappropriate conversations. I can’t explain how much i look forward to it. This month’s book club started with these cocktails… which were called Jamaica Peaches.

Day 45


Since I was a child I have suffered from terrible hayfever, which became significantly worse when I moved to London. I usually spend about 4 months of the year snotting and sneezing and battling through swollen eyes and infected sinuses. For some reason I have barely sneezed this year which has been life changing. This is a box of antihistamines that I have been carrying around that I have not had to take.

Day 46


It’s no secret that I really love baking so on Sunday I decided to experiment with a new cookie recipe as well as making some carrot cupcakes. This was all my ingredients ready to go. Although I did miss my sous chef, Jen, who I always used to rope in to help before she had to move back to Australia.

Day 47


Sometimes all you want to eat is something warm, hearty and packed with flavour. This sausage casserole might not look like the most exciting thing in the world but it never fails to deliver and whenever I have it bubbling on the stove it fills me with a great sense of anticipation. When hadn’t had it in a while so I was happy to enjoy an old favourite.

Day 48


My mum-in-law bought me these awesome socks for Christmas and I hadn’t gotten around to wearing them but I found the perfect outfit to put them with and they’re purple and it reminded me that it was the first time I’d worn ankle socks since high school!

Day 49


As you might have read yesterday, I got to go to a sneak preview of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes courtesy of my lovely friend, Kerri and it was brilliant. Can’t wait to see the full film!

Day 50


I had a long and stressful day at work but this last year of working out has taught me that the best way to shake off the day is through exercise. It helps to clear your mind and push any tension out of your body with hard work and sweat… and when it comes to generating that sweat, nothing makes me happier than the step machine. #feeltheburn


100 Days of Happiness: Day 31 – 40

So we’re more than a third of the way in now and the happiness is still flowing. In this last 10 days I have learned that you can’t plan your happiness and you should focus on happy moments as they happen. I had several days where I thought, “I wish I’d taken a picture of…” But then that just made me realise that my days generally have lots of happy moments in them… and that made me even more happy!

Day 31
The kids in my neighbourhood drew on the pavement with chalk. Not only were their crazy drawings really cute but it also reminded me of doing the same when I was little and that made me happy.

Day 32
I cooked squid for the first time and I was worried it was going to be like rubber but it was delicious and that made me happy especially because I had to gut the squid myself.

Day 33
It was frappuccino happy hour at Starbucks so I got a mocha coconut frappuccino for only £1.77. Perfect for a hot day.

Day 34
Mr Osbiston bought me tulips, which are one of my favourite flowers and they really brightened up our front room and made me excited for our upcoming trip to Amsterdam.

Day 35
Every year my company participtes in the Great Places to Work survey. As a manager with in the business I’m really proud of our rating and the fact that it shows how much employees are valued. Our 2014 ranking came in last week and we are officially the 26th best medium sized company to work for in the UK.

Day 36
I voted in the European and local elections. I feel happy every time I exercise my democratic right and every vote that isn’t for those right wing, racist cunts UKIP is something to celebrate. (Excuse my language but there is no other appropriate word for them).

Day 37
X-Men: Days of Future Past actually lived up to the hype and the Quicksilver scenes were just awesome!

Day 38
I wore purple lipstick. I did not care.

Day 39
This picture is of my wrecked kitchen after Sunday dinner. Why? Because it’s evidence that I made my friends a lovely meal and nothing makes me happier than feeding people I love!

Day 40

Post workout bubble bath waiting for me to get in. The little things are the best things!