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In the pink

Tonight was definitely an evening for celebrations… it was our gorgeous friend Candice’s birthday so we invited a bunch of friends around for dinner. I can’t take any credit for this one, it was Barb who made an incredible veggie lasagne and Kelly who supplied the pink fairy cake. Cands loves all things pink so she was thrilled with her pink handbag, purse and laptop bag, all wrapped in pink paper.

The birthday was not the only reason Cands was “in the pink”. Last night her Lebanese beau, Moonir, popped the question and she is officially betrothed. She is off to meet the man and collect the ring in Jordan next month with a wedding on the cards next year.

Tomorrow the contractors are coming to fix my shower. It has been leaking into Mich’s room for months and the landlord has finally heard our pleas. Unfortunately this is going to take a week and I will be sharing the house bathrooms with the other girls. Although I have only been living in the lair for six months, I have become EXTREMELY spoilt and having to trek downstairs for my daily grooming seems like a giant annoyance. Funny how quickly your perspective changes. Four and a bit years ago I was sharing a bathroom with four other girls and a bed with one other. Now I am grumbling about our house being reduced down from three bathrooms to two and there are only four of us, each with her own double room… time for a reality check, Princess?

Today’s obsession is the Em cartoon. Published daily in the free London Paper, it is the only thing that makes this dire rag, readable. Created by Maria Smedstad, as an autobiographical look into the life of a London singleton living in a shared house, it is sometimes so close to the lives of the Playboy Mansion that I wonder if Maria has been watching us. The cartoons are acerbic, regularly inappropriate and always hilarious chronicling Em and her friends’ drunken nights out, disastrous love lives and searches for fulfilment. You can check out the Em archive here. This is one of my favourites.

Welcome to the dark side… we have cookies

So my first Word Press blog… as a bit of background, Where The Wild Things Are has existed on Windows Live Spaces for the past two and a half years. Live Spaces has served me well but I have gotten sick of their shoddy functionality, spam comments and dodgy stats so I have migrated. If you want to venture into the archives… here it is

As for me… my name is Abbi… hi *waves*. I am an aspiring author/screenwriter, currently working on a novel called Lucy Gray, a TV series called Amped (with my best friend/writing partner, Jen) and a coffee table book called The Bakery Of Discontent (with my artist friend, Zarina). By day I am a Marketing Manager, fighting the evils of spam email, bad subject lines and sales people.

When I am not working or writing, I am gigging. I see more bands than anyone I know. My appetite for rock music and sneaking up on musicians to make them have conversations with me, is insatiable.

This blog is a diary of my adventures, an outlet for my rants, a source of gig reviews and a window to my obsessions.

Welcome to the dark side… we have cookies.