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The bump chronicles #8: Little O makes its presence felt and the joys of pregnancy fitness

Weeks pregnant: 19
Baby size in fruit: 🍅 (I am not sure how we have gone from a turnip to a pepper to a tomato. I can only imagine it’s one of those big ass beef tomatoes)

I have a colleague that sits right by me at work whose wife is due this week Friday. He told me that her bump popped out in stages and I am starting to think that the same thing is happening to me. Over the last four weeks or so the bump has stayed much the same size but suddenly in the last week it had a bit of a boom and is poking out a lot more. bigstock_Striped_Beefsteak_Tomato__Nor_2312063 Read more…

The bump chronicles #7: On my hyperactive baby and my least favourite question

Weeks pregnant: 18
Baby size in fruit: Bell pepper (still no emoji… what do the WhatsApp developers eat)

Last week I went for my somewhat belated 16 week midwife check-up. Apparently I travel too much and therefore my schedule doesn’t fit in with my local health centre’s clinic hours, so 17+3 instead of 16 it was.

bell pepper

Baby O is now the length of a bell pepper… not sure if it’s with or without stalk

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The bump chronicles #6: On feeling like a bit of a goddess and the costs and benefits of being pregnant

Weeks pregnant: 17
Baby size in vegetables: Turnip (again there is no emoji for a turnip)

Before I got pregnant I wasn’t convinced I was going to like having a pregnant body. I spent the largest part of the last three years changing my body completely and controlling and molding its shape. While I really wanted to have a baby, I didn’t expect to like actually being pregnant and losing control of the shape of my body… and let’s face it, based on my previous posts during the first trimester I didn’t like it much.


Little O’s current size but hopefully not constitution… unless it takes after my Oupa Roy (maternal grandfather)

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The bump chronicles #5: Little O’s extensive wardrobe and an overdue confession

Weeks pregnant: 16
Baby size in fruit: Avocado (there is unfortunately no emoji for an avo)

After yet more travels Little O and I are now back in the UK along with Little O’s extensive wardrobe. I am honestly blown away by the generosity of my friends and family and I think there is a pretty good chance we won’t have to buy any clothes until he/she is more than three months old. To put things into context, my bag weighed 18kg on my way to South Africa. While I was there I offloaded 23 gifts as well as just over a kilogram of vintage car parts (don’t ask). When I came back my bag weighed 22kg.


Little O’s current size

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The bump chronicles #4: wardrobe malfunctions, bonding and the mega belly

Weeks pregnant: 15
Baby size in fruit: 🍏

Little O and I are still on tour. Right now we are in East London airport. I was born in East London but that won’t stop me from admitting that it is the arsehole of South Africa and considering that it’s almost 40 degrees and they have no airconditioning it’s a very sweaty arsehole. But let’s not dwell on that.
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The Bump Chronicles #3: On tour, first clothes and the start of the baby disco…


As you might know from my previous post, Little O and I are on tour… unfortunately without Mr O who is working. It’s been some time since I’ve travelled on my own and I have to admit that I found the prospect quite daunting. Let’s just say there were lots of tears at the airport (not just from me). I have a suspicion that pregnancy hormones were involved but even if you’re not pregnant, two weeks away from your partner is a long time. Read more…

The bump chronicles #2: What do I want for Christmas?

I want to start this post out by saying that I know I should feel extremely grateful that I have people in my life who want to buy me Christmas presents. There is nothing nicer in the world than having people love you enough to want to make you happy by getting you things.

I am also an extremely practical person, which is one of the many good (and more interesting) traits that I inherited from my father, who I am just like. I like my presents to be useful, so more often that not I ask for clothes as gifts. Over the  last two years my weight has fluctuated so much that I have been constantly trying to rebuild my wardrobe and I have been thrilled with the jumpers, blouses, skirts and jeans that I have been lucky enough to receive. 
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The bump chronicles #1: 10 things I have learned about being pregnant – first trimester

As a slightly older mom to be I have witnessed several of my friends, relatives and colleagues go through one or more pregnancies. I have also watched about four hundred episodes of Teen Mom as well as countless films and TV shows that depicted women in various stages of gestation. So you would think I would have had a pretty good idea of what to expect. Wrong. I don’t think you really take any of it in until it’s already too late, plus I have a suspicion that every pregnancy is completely different… but just in case anyone wants to attempt to prepare or to reminisce, here are ten things I have learned about the first trimester of being pregnant. Read more…