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Hi, I’m Abbi. I grew up in South Africa and moved to London in 2004 because I didn't have anything better to do. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I live in Essex with my long-suffering British husband, Mr O and our smaller human, Little O. I divide up my life between my day job as an email ninja (not my actual title), trying to get my head around mummery, experimenting in the kitchen, reviewing random crap, fantisising about sleeping more than a two hours in a row and spending too much time on Instagram.

MOVIE REVIEW: Ghostbusters (2016)

Recently Mr O and I have actually watched some films in the evening after Little O has gone to bed. Something, we’ve not really had the mental energy for since he was born. We’re both big Ghostbusters fans so this was one of our first picks.

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Things I wore to work this week #19

Another week of in between weather, which is driving me nuts. It’s so hard to know what to wear in the morning. I know everyone is going to suggest layers but I hate layers. I can’t stand wearing clothes on top of clothes on top of clothes. In other news, my stress about not getting on with people at work is slowly abating and things are getting better. Unfortunately my hay fever is getting worse and worse no matter what I take so in all my pictures I look a bit wonky and by Thursday I couldn’t be bothered anymore and decided to go super comfy.

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TV REVIEW: Brooklyn 99 – Season 1

According to Netflix Mr O and I tried to watch Brooklyn 99 a while ago and abandoned it during the first episode. I imagine this was probably somewhere in the first year of Little O’s life where he didn’t sleep on his own ever. We were forever getting five minutes into something and then he’d wake up and we’d give up. Recently we’d heard a lot of noise from fans over the fact that the show has been cancelled (and subsequently picked up) so we decided to give it a second go.

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Things I wore to work this week #18

It was a bit of a week of two halves in terms of weather so I started more covered up and then as it warmed up I needed cooler outfits. I am not the best at summer. I am just a ball of hayfever, sweat and spots. The hot weather always makes me a bit grumpy… that and the fact that although the work is really interesting in my new job I am struggling to make friends and some people really don’t seem to like me. Let’s hope next week is better.

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BOOK REVIEW: Stasiland by Anna Funder

I was recommended this book by Mr O, who is predominantly a non-fiction reader and thought that I’d enjoy this look at life behind the Berlin wall. I was fortunate enough to travel to Berlin a few times for work in my previous role and to actually spend a weekend there in 2016 in the former GDR. I visited the wall and some of the historical sites related to the separation of both the city and the country. I was also a big fan of the film The Lives of Others so prior to reading this I had some interest in the historical context.

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Things I wore to work this week #17

Only two outfits this week. Monday was a bank holiday so I didn’t go to work and on Wednesday I was in the Leeds office, which does not have a god bathroom selfie mirror… and I am back to working from home on Fridays. The weather has been quite nice but still a bit unpredictable so I have been looking for outfits that work well for in-between weather and also with the fact that it’s a lot colder when I leave the house at 7am than when I get home at 6pm.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Deadpool 2

I made no secret of the fact that I liked but did not love the first Deadpool film. However when Mr O and I recently got the rare opportunity to go to the cinema I decided more Deadpool was a better option than Solo, which was the other option Mr O gave me.

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Things I wore to work recently: highlights

It’s been three weeks since I posted one of these and it seems a bit much trying to go back and post everything I wore in that time so I have picked five highlights. As you’ll see the weather has been somewhat up and down in that time. Those of you who might have wondered, I did manage to find selfie mirror at my new office, although I am not completely sold on the lighting and there are definitely more women to use the bathroom so I have to pick my moments wisely.

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Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

Just in case anyone was worried, I just wanted to reassure you that I am not dead.

I started a new job three weeks ago and it has been a massive adjustment. My new role is extremely complex… and while it is technically similar to my previous role it is also completely different. I have been completely absorbed in trying to understand how, what and why as fast as possible. It is daunting because both the contractor that had been covering the role and my line manager left last week. It’s a bit like learning a dance routine while someone is still composing the music. I have also already been to Leeds and Birmingham in the space of that three weeks.

I am hoping to start blogging again properly soon and I have some posts planned including:

  • Spanish snacks I have been tasting
  • A few outfit highlights
  • Little O’s 23 month update
  • A review of Stasiland

I am trying to keep up with your blogs as much as I can but I know I am very behind. I ope everyone is okay. Here is a picture of Little O and I being silly.


What I wore to work this week #16

This might be the last what I wore to work this week. This is my last few days in my current job before I start a new job next week. I am not sure what the bathroom situation is going to be like and whether I will be able to take pictures. I guess we’ll see.

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What I wore to work this week #15

This has definitely been a week of two halves. On Monday it was still pretty chilly, Tuesday was middling and then we got hit with full summer! I don’t think I adjusted fast enough and by Wednesday afternoon I was BOILING. I also look a bit bedraggled since the warmer weather has meant my hayfever is in full force and I can’t stop sneezing!

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Universal Yums March 2018 box: Poland

Despite the fact that my company has an office in Warsaw, I have never managed to go to Poland, something that makes me rather sad. I have heard good things and I really would like to visit one day. In the meantime I am going to settle for some snacks. Read more…

What I wore to work this week #14

After we were briefly led to believe spring might be coming when it warmed up on Saturday, we were soon proved very wrong. Winter came back full off mist and drizzle this week, which is reflected in the outfits I wore on the three days I went into work as well as the wildness of my hair. Please join me in wishing for better weather as I am getting sick of my winter clothes.

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BOOK REVIEW: Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch

Late last year I came across a series of novels about a London police detective and modern day Wizard in training called Peter Grant and absolutely loved the first book. After the heaviness that was reading Shantaram for three months, I decided it was time to go back to Peter and try out his second adventure.

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What I wore to work this week #13

Another week of really changeable weather, varying between massive rain showers and sunshine but then also rather a lot of wind. I am sure in past years by April I had downgraded from a coat to a jacket but I am not sure that is happening any time in the near future here. Sigh. Read more…

What I wore to work this week #12

Another week of random weather. I am starting to think it might never be spring. I swear by this time last year I had moved from full coat to jacket already but I am still in a big coat. Let’s hope April brings some better weather!  Read more…