2020 review in pictures

It’s time for my slightly belated review of 2020 in pictures and also a few words.


  • We baked a lot
  • I had cocktails in the top of the BT Tower
  • Me and some friends dressed up as if we were from the 80’s and went to the Stranger Things Secret Cinema event


  • I bought a load of cacti… they died
  • I went on a mad night out with some mum friends that involved way too many shots
  • Little O ate all the things


  • We met up with friends, before it became illegal
  • We started ordering cake online
  • We ate good breakfasts


  • Little O and I try to find ways to amuse ourselves all stuck at home togther
  • Spring sprung
  • We went to lots of parks


  • We made a lot of use of our garden, especially the paddling pool
  • Our teddies were much loved
  • More time in the park


  • Little O turned 4 and there was just enough space in the restrictions for cake in the park
  • We marched in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement
  • I dressed up as a 1920’s flapper for a virtual Murder Mystery game


  • We went to the beach, the zoo and to visit friends, when it was allowed
  • I got a new tattoo of some toadstools
  • Our new living room furniture was finally delivered after several months of waiting. There is a blue, velvet armchair


  • I ran a lot, including a virtual 10k to raise funds for victims of Gender Based Violence in South Africa
  • We went to Maldon on the hottest day of the year and I held a large snake
  • Little O “graduated” from nursery


  • In the brief time I was allowed, I socialised with friends
  • Little O started “big school”
  • I ran the distance from Beirut to Damascus (72 miles/117km) to raise money for organisations that support refugees


  • We celebrated Halloween, including pumpkin picking and carving, dressing up and baking
  • I unintentionally started a running club with some mums of children in Little O’s class and did my first ever 15km run
  • I met up with a group of work friends who have become my biggest and most loving support network


  • I turned 40 just as we went back into lockdown
  • I became the owner of a green bottle blue tarantula called Geraldine
  • I made mince pies from scratch


  • There was much festive baking
  • Little O helped me post over 50 Christmas cards
  • I surpassed my goal of running 1111km in 2020 by 64km


  1. You ran 72 miles? Outstanding! You definitely don’t look 40, Abbi. All wonderful stuff, except having a huge spider in the house. That wouldn’t work for me. Thanks for a wonderful roundup of your full year. You certainly made the best of one of the worst years.
    My version would be,
    Too the dog out.
    Made dinner.
    Drank wine.
    Had five days away at the seaside when that was allowed.
    Repeat 1-3.
    Best wishes to you all, and a belated Happy New Year.
    Pete. x

    1. In the end that month I ran 85 miles altogether. It helps me feel sane, especially in lockdown. I know Geraldine is a bit of an unusual pet. Definitely not for everyone but I find him fascinating and I grew up in a place with lots of big spiders so they don’t really bother me.

      I think we did a lot this year because of Little O. No matter what else is happening in the world you still have to keep your small humans amused so we grabbed every opportunity we could!

  2. For being in lockdown, looks like you took advantage of your time. Great job with the running!

    1. My small human is an absolute ball of energy so we had to grab every opportunity to do stuff to keep us all sane. The running definitely helps a lot with my mental state!

  3. Great post! Love the pics. I love Maldon – think that was our only day trip in all of 2020 thanks to lockdowns (probably also in August). Glad to see that it looks like all is well despite the circumstances? 🙂 And, wow – thanks a lot of running! Good job!

  4. Good to see you back again! My, hasn’t Little O grown I remember when he was still a bump! 😛 😀

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