TV REVIEW: Criminal: UK (Season 2)

Last year Netflix treated us to Criminal a collection of three part mini-series that focused on crime suspects being interviewed in connection with a crime. The original version featured interviews taking place in the UK, France, Spain and Germany each with their own nuances and procedures. Earlier this year Criminal came back with a second edition of the UK version, this time featuring four interviews.

Once again the crimes committed are very interesting but equally interesting is the relationships between the investigating officers and the psychological games they play with the suspects and their solicitors, while remaining within the boundaries of the law.

This season sees a man (Kit Harington) being questioned after being accused of raping a co-worker. It’s an extremely enlightening and challenging watch because it deep dives into the legal definitions of sexual assaults and how they are prosecuted, which are somewhat disconnected from the actual intent or behaviour of the accused or the accuser. It also looks at how someone’s electronic communications can bear unexpected witness.

We also have the wife (Sophie Okonedo) of a convicted murderer being questioned about her involvement in her husband’s crimes and an online vigilante (Sharon Horgan) being forced to face the consequences of her actions.

Most interesting though is convicted murderer, Sandeep Singh (Kunal Nayyar), insisting on cutting a deal for some valuable information that he may or may not provide during his interview. Some of you may be familiar with Nayyar as playing lovable goof, Raj, in The Big Bang Theory or as being the voice of glitter troll, Guy Diamond in the Trolls franchise. It is really different watching him play a malicious, calculating character like Singh and I enjoyed seeing this other side of him.

If you enjoyed the first season of Criminal or are a fan of police procedurals you are likely to enjoy this too. It would be great for anyone who likes stuff like Line of Duty. I am hoping very much that they’ll bring out follow ups to the editions from the other countries and expand to further countries in the future.



  1. Sounds really good, and I still haven’t seen Season 1 yet!
    (Thanks for the card, it was really appreciated. x)
    Best wishes, and a Happy Christmas, Pete.

    1. Glad the card made it to you. The post has been a bit tricky this year! I think you’d like these, Pete and it’s only a handful of episodes so not too taxing!

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