TV REVIEW: Killing Eve – Season 3

Killing Eve is back for a fourth season in the BBC’s latest study of how much a brilliant concept can be dragged out before even the biggest fans turn on it.

Following the events of season two, Eve (Sandra Oh) has gone to ground, trying to get over the fact that Villannelle (Jodie Comer) shot her. Villannelle, on the other hand, is attempting to delve into her past while hunting down a promotion.

When a tragic death occurs, Eve finds herself unable to resist being drawn back into her old life but that means working with Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) again. Meanwhile Villannelle just can’t quite leave Eve in peace and finds that without her counter foil life might not be worth living.

I liked some of the new characters. Villanelle’s former mentor, Dasha (Harriet Walker) is a riot and I enjoyed seeing Carolyn interact with her polar opposite daughter, Geraldine (Gemma Whelan). As always there are amazing outfits, crazy situations (like Villannelle getting married just to pull off a hit) and off the wall humour. It’s fun to watch… on the surface.

Under the surface though it all feels a bit style over substance. I wasn’t gagging for the next episode, I didn’t really care about Villannelle’s weird upbringing in Russia or Eve’s ongoing obsession with Niko (Owen McDonnell)… just leave the poor man in peace. Some of the new characters were totally underused. I was expecting absolute scenes with Reece Shearsmith being introduced as Carolyn’s new boss but very little actually happened beyond arguing about offices. Jamie (Danny Sapani) could also have been a great addition to the cast but he never got to his full potential.

The first two seasons of Killing Eve, especially the first one, were whacky but they had heart. Season 3 seems to have lost all its heart. Apparently they are making a fourth one. I’m not sure where else this can all go.



  1. Unlike most viewers, I can’t get enough of this series. I appreciate everything you said in your review, but I still loved it. Then again, I don’t mind ‘style over substance’ occasionally. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. As long as you are having fun with it, Pete, that’s all that matters!

  2. I loved the first series, and the second had its moments. Didn’t like the third one though.

    1. I think we have very similar feelings on this, Alex!

  3. I share some of your views on this season of Killing Eve, but I have to say… I still really liked it. It was more introspective, it went deeper inside the mind of every single character on the show and it portrayed how flawed they all are, in their own way and for various reasons.
    I’m actually excited to see season 5, but like I did with the second and the third, I’d rather wait until all episodes are out and then binge it.
    xx Georgia

    1. I think it really depends on what you get from the series. Great news you enjoyed it!

  4. I didn’t enjoy season 3 as much as the previous two either. I’m wondering where it has to go also. Well said 🙂

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