MOVIE REVIEW: Hustlers (2019)

At the height of the financial services boom, Destiny/Dorothy (Constance Wu) starts her stripping career to help support her ageing grandmother. She’s a bit unsure of what she is doing at first, but veteran, Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) takes her under her wing. Together the two make a fortune out of idiot city boys who like tits and have unlimited disposable income.

Years later Destiny’s relationship fails and she and her young daughter are left destitute. There’s nothing to do but return to the pole. In the meantime the 2008 financial crash has happened and the customers have dried up. Fortunately Ramona is still around and along with a small crew she’s running a scam that involves drugging and fleecing what few punters remain. Soon Destiny is rolling in cash but how long before things get out of hand?

So this film was hailed as some kind of subversive, lady boss masterpiece so I went in with high expectations. That was a mistake. Frankly, I hated this. There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez looks incredible and has some amazing stripper moves. That isn’t really enough for an entire film. She’s supposed to be a really complex, conflicted character but actually she’s just a dickhead. Everyone in this movie is a dickhead. The customers are dickheads who exploit the strippers. The strippers are dickheads who commit fraud. The whole film just left me feeling a bit grubby.

I don’t mind watching something where the characters are largely irredeemable but they have to be interesting and there has to be a great story. This offers neither.

I think there was a suggestion that this was a bit of a “Robin Hood” movie but Ramona’s crew don’t steal from the rich and give to the poor, they steal from the rich and give to themselves and to absolute excess. They spend every cent on ugly clothes, flashy cars and gadgets and their greed is unlimited and so I guess they’re just as bad as the men they fleece. Maybe that was the message.

Anyway if you like boobs and aren’t too bothered about story you might like this. I just found it depressing.



  1. I would have already given this film a swerve, and your review just confirms my worst fears.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I guess I didn’t miss a thing!
    The girls from my local pole studio actually rented a cinema to watch the movie together but I was out of town that day.

  3. Yep, women are just as manipulative and corrupt as men. I had hopes as saying we are the “fairer sex” meant we were above all that garbage that men love.

  4. If it’s any consolation I’ve read a few reviews from men who hated this film too, for the very reasons you gave…

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