TV REVIEW: Shrill – Season 2

It’s no secret that I loved the first season of Shrill, a peek into the life of plus size journalist, Annie Easton (Aidy Bryant). Season two returns with a slightly longer episode run and sees Annie attempting to go into freelancing after storming out of her job. It also explores her relationship with her fuck-buddy turned boyfriend, Ryan (Luka Jones),

While there are some really interesting elements around this season once again looking at fatphobia, the patriarchy and modern relationships, it felt rather flat compared to the previous season. Season one was raw, triumphant and hilarious. Season two feels somewhat flat by comparison.

Watching Annie trying to find her voice with her circumstances changing had its ups and downs and I thought the reality of her having to bite the bullet and go back to her old job was well-played. Her slow realisation that Ryan is a total man-baby who brings very little to her life was harder to watch. Her inability to wake up to his utter uselessness flew in the face of the first season and turned her into a bit of a victim.

I was actually much more gripped by Annie’s best friend, Fran’s (Lolly Adefope) journey. Serial dater, Fran decides to take a break from her romantic life after her heart is broken, and ends up learning a lot about herself. We also get to meet more of her family and learn about her backstory, which I loved.

Sophmore seasons can always be a bit of a challenge and Shrill seems to have fallen victim to some of these struggles. I am hoping there will be a third season and we’ll get a bit of bounce back but I was disappointed compared to the first season.



  1. I agree that second seasons can sometimes be disappointing. There are exceptions, like Fleabag, and Line of Duty, but as a rule, I often wish they would leave well enough alone.
    (Are you able to work from home now, Abbi, or still commuting?)
    Best wishes, Pete. 🙂

  2. I binged two seasons in a row so it felt less weaker probably because it was so.. piled in one but honestly, I hardly remember the show now. It feels like it didn’t leave a lasting impression.

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