MOVIE REVIEW: Avengers: Endgame (2019)

And onto the final film in our Avengers marathon…

It’s been five years since the snap when Thanos (Josh Brolin) disappeared half of all living creatures out of existence and for most of The Avengers and the world things are not looking great. Some are vigilante-ing, some are drinking, some are healing and some are trying very hard to move on. That is until Scott Lang/Ant-Man reappears from the Quantum Realm where his suit retreated for safe-keeping and suggests time travel might be a viable proposition.

Now surviving Avengers will have to come out of retirement and hedge their bets on one bonkers plan to find and dispose of the infinity stones and reset the universe. Of course Thanos isn’t going to go down easily and soon an epic battle will rage.

Sounds sort of simple right? Bollocks! This film is 473 hours long and goes on forever.

And even though it is that long, I was left with many, many questions. Like if you reset everything is everyone going back in time to the point before the snap happened? Or is everyone just reappearing. And after five years how is that better. People will have new partners, homes will have been re appropriated, babies will have been born. What has happened to the consciousnesses of the snapped? Will they know five years has passed and now suddenly their children, parents, friends, pets are five years older or lost? I found it impossible to move on from these logistical questions.

Obviously there were upsides. Marvel has spent a decade building up to this so there are many moments of gravitas as well as some very powerful relationships. There are incredible friendships and connections and character arcs that are great to watch as well as being satisfying. And I mean who doesn’t love the idea of Dude-Thor, multiple mega battles between super powerful superheroes and a load of peril?

I just don’t think I was invested enough in the whole thing to feel all the things I was supposed to feel. There are some major character deaths (for good this time) and Mr O shed many tears… me, not so much. I was just ready for it all to come to a tidy conclusion… which it does.

Now what I really want to watch is the hinted Thordians of the Galaxy that seems to be on the cards.

A fitting end, I guess… but it was too long and I was bored. #sorrynotsorry.



  1. Thanks for such an honest review, Abbi. Now I know I will never watch this one. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. You won’t be missing out!

  2. I liked it. But I was never really into it in the first place. I am a fan of Downey Jr. He was the only character that was interesting.

    1. He’s definitely one of the more interesting characters but I also love Captain America’s story and Thor is always hilarious.

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