An Osbiston Christmas in pictures 2019

As we float through the haze of the days between Christmas and New Year… here are some highlights from our family’s Christmas season.

Little O met the big man in person at his nursery Christmas party. He was very convincing. His number one request was a “soft Woody” (from Toy Story).
The party also featured live reindeer. I was more keen than Little O.
We put all our favourite decorations plus some new ones on the tree
Jack and Granddad played a lot of Toy Story, while watching Toy Story, while dressed in Toy Story gear
I made a gingerbread house. It looked much less like a crack den than last year’s effort
We prepared diligently for Santa’s arrival in matching PJ’s of course
It’s lucky Santa got anything though with these two in charge
I bought Mr O a Polaroid camera and it was the hit of the day
Many games were played. Little O beat everyone at Hungry Hippos
We spent Boxing Day with Little O’s cousins. They are all apparently elves

And that’s it. Christmas 2019 is over… roll on Christmas 2020!


  1. Beautifully festive, Abbi.
    Pleased to see that you had some wonderful family time. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. How fun. I loved your ginger crack den. 😉

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