TV REVIEW: The Letdown – Season 2

The Let Down picks up just before Stevie’s first birthday. Audrey (Allison Bell) and Jeremy (Duncan Fellows) are living separately while Jeremy attempts to start a new life for them in Adelaide and Audrey reluctant packs up their home in Sydney.

There are a number of threads on the go within the second season of this Aussie sitcom. There’s Audrey and Jeremy’s relationship and how they’re being impacted by not only the physical distance between them but also the emotional rift caused by the loss of Audrey’s pregnancy. Sophie (Lucy Durack) is trying to navigate her second pregnancy while still concerned about the damage caused by her first. Ester (Sacha Horler) is facing down the potential end of her fertility. Martha (Leah Vandenberg) has reentered the dating world and has to face coming out to her parents. Barb (Celeste Barber) tries to find some time for herself that doesn’t involve “double fisting pinot gris”. And everyone is wrestling with endless mum-guilt and figuring out what is next for their lives.

It’s a really funny, relateable series for anyone who has kids of who has close friends with kids. The struggle between being a parent and still being you, the bombshell that children are to a relationship, the stigma attached to pregnancy loss and the agony of surviving grief are things that impact many families. It takes you from crying laughing to crying all in one episode. The performances are heartfelt and the chemistry between Bell and Fellows is so charming and believable. It is also a testament to the power of female friendship and how much parents and mothers in particular need a tribe. I loved seeing Audrey and her mother, Verity (Sarah Peirse) bond and start to understand each other more. And yes… everyone’s favourite drug dealer, Scott (Patrick Brammall) is back and better than ever.

I enjoyed the second season even more than the first and it’s a must watch for anyone who liked the first one.



  1. I avoided this for the two words ‘Aussie’, and ‘Sitcom’. But from your review, I might have to rethink.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. This show has so much heart and humour. I think you might like it.

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