TV REVIEW: Criminal: France

The French version of Criminal is very focused on hierarchy. The interrogation team has been lead by Oliver Hagan (Laurent Lucas) for many years but the promotion to team leader has been taken by a young female outsider, Audrey Larson (Margot Bancilhon). The rest of the group neither trusts Audrey nor respects her authority and if that wasn’t enough to deal with they are all reeling from the events of the Bataclan. This leaves Audrey trying to manage her cases but also deal with the impact of traumatised detective, Laetetia (Anne Azoulay) steamrolling interrogations.

Meanwhile there are once again three cases at play. There’s a young woman whose partner was killed at the Bataclan… but something doesn’t quite add up, a powerful businesswoman who has been accused of killing one of her workers and a homophobic attack.

All three cases were fascinating in this version. Sara Giraudeau is outstanding as Emilie, capturing her vulnerability and confusion perfectly as well as her fear as more and more of her story is revealed. Nathalie Baye is just as impressive as the powerful seemingly icy Caroline Solal who has bad to fight for everything she has achieved.

More than any of the other outings I really felt for Audrey. She is stuck between a rock and a hard place and it is obvious that some of the kick back she is getting is because of her gender. Watching her go through self-doubt and questioning her capabilities will be so familiar to many women in position of power.

I think this was my favourite and I was sad that it was the final instalment. Really hoping to see this format expanded to other countries, hopefully further afield than Europe.


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