TV REVIEW: Criminal: Spain

The second instalment of Criminal I watched was set in Madrid and featured a Spanish interrogation team. This time the crimes involved an apparent “black widow” style murder, the drowning of an autistic girl and a terrorist act that might be connected to an infamous drug lord.

Although the Spanish version is set in the same interrogation centre that the UK one is, it is instantly lighter and brighter to reflect the very different climate.

The team is rather different too. The lead investigator is Maria (Emma Suárez), who has a rivalry with her subordinate, Luisa (María Morales) and is sleeping with young hotshot, Rai (Álvaro Cervantes).

Unlike the rather reserved, cautious, procedure focused British take on the the process of interrogation, the Spanish team is much more intense and more willing to take risks. They mislead suspects, play on their emotions and in one case even end up cuddling them on the floor. They’re also very feisty with each other.

The most interesting case for me was that of dog lover, Isabel (Carmen Machi). She initially comes across as a romance obsessed nutter but as the interrogation unfolds it becomes obvious that appearances are very deceiving.

Damaged Carmen’s (Inma Cuesta) story is heartbreaking and Cuesta’s performance is so affecting. It was a really powerful watch.

I was less sold on the sort of sting to entrap gang lord, Carmelo (Eduard Fernández).

It’s a good instalment but not as good as the UK one where every case was a corker. Definitely worth a watch.


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  1. I have this series written down on my Netflix list! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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