TV REVIEW: Workin’ Moms – Season 2

Workin’ Moms season two picks up a few months after the end of season one. Kate (Catherine Reitman) has had some time off work as a result of Charlie’s illness, only to discover that she is only wanted part time. Kate sees an opportunity to take on a second job but his leads to conflict with her husband, Nathan (Philip Sternberg) who thinks she should sack off work to have another baby. Things are further complicated when her dad dies unexpectedly.

Meanwhile Anne (Dani Kind) finds herself working in the same office as her hypnotist ex-husband and struggling without Kate’s emotional support. Jenny’s ex, Ian (Dennis Andres) joins the “mums” and babies toddler group, while opening himself up to a new relationship. And Frankie (June Rinaldi) discovers that the world of dating is more complicated than she remembered.

When I reviewed the first season of the show, I mentioned that this particular topic probably has a niche audience of people with small children or those who are likely to soon have them and I stand by that. It is not going to be of interest to everyone.

Although my child is a little older than the babies in the show, I still find the struggles the parents go through familiar and relateable and Kate’s eagerness to hold onto her value and identity through her career success resonates with me. I also found the microscope on the complexity and intensity of female friendships really interesting.

It is also just bonkers enough to be quite amusing. Seeing Frankie’s response to dating was hilarious as was Val’s (Sarah McVie) desperation to get her claws into Ian, Kate’s attempts to fit in with her hip new co-workers and Anne’s ex’s bizarre revenge plan.

The final episode involved a shock reveal that I really was not expecting and I am interested to see where season three takes this.

A great background watch for parents of young children. Not too taxing but still enjoyable.



  1. A very fair summary, Abi. I am not likely to watch this, for the reasons that you have stated. But also because there is just too much stuff to watch now! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. With all the things to watch I think you have to give your time to things that really interest you.

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