Little O’s quarterly update: 3

Age: 3
I like: Bananas, Dancing to “I Like to Move it”, my paddling pool, riding my trike, playing with my friends

Today Little O turns three. The last time we checked in we were a day away from moving house. One of our big plans was moving Little O into a double bed and convincing him to sleep on his own rather than with me. I am actually quite surprised to say it was a big success. He happily sleeps in his own bed now and Mr O and I get to shared a bed again. He does still wake up in the night but everyone is sleeping a lot better.

The other big change we’ve undergone is what I call “half-weaning”. What that means is no more daytime breastfeeding. I was getting hugely touched out and irritable so it felt like the right time to try and cut our breastfeeding in the day. I told Little O that he was getting big and that I only had enough milk for bedtime. After a couple of days of grump he accepted this and no longer asks for daytime milk. Neither of us is ready to stop bedtime boob so that is still going.

When it comes to imagination and vocabulary, Little O is becoming more advanced everyday. We play lots of make believe games about swimming pools, holidays, chickens and superhero missions. He asks endless questions about everything. I know I am supposed to find this annoying but it’s actually a lot of fun. Remind me I said this.

Eating is still daily challenge. Little O is a very fussy eater and subsists off a few core favourites. He’s not generally up for tasting many things. We leave him be as arguing with a toddler over food just feels a bit pointless. He’ll eat more eventually.

Little O’s favourite activity is still spending time with other children. He bonds really quickly with children of all ages and enjoys playing games, dressing up and doing crafts with them. He regularly asks to see his friends and apart from occasional toy wrestling he has the best time with them. They’ve finally reached an age when they can play without much adult interaction, which is nice for the parents because we actually get to drink tea and chat.

From now on, I’ll be updating twice a year as the pace of change has slowed again.


  1. Omg he’s three!! What an adorable little chap. So glad to hear he’s doing well, and hope you are too. Happy birthday to him πŸ’œ

  2. Happy Birthday to Little O. I see we are growing apart in our tastes, as he gets older. I can only pick bananas and dancing to ‘I like to move it’, from his new list. πŸ™‚
    The food thing is a nightmare still, with our 4.5 year old grandson. He has settled on garlic bread, chicken nuggets, skinny fries, or potato waffles, and refuses everything else, except biscuits or cake of course.
    I blame those McD Happy Meals. I knew they would come back to haunt his mum.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thank you. He is a little monkey, but he’s our monkey!

  3. Happy Birthday Little O! πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you. He has had the best time.

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