Universal Yums: April 2019 – Israel

This month’s snacks came from Israel. It’s not the first time I have tried Israeli snacks as a friend of mine who lives in Tel Aviv once sent me a personalised box. This time the snacks were the Universal Yums choice and it was a mixed bag. Some were great. Some were weird.

Kremli Nougat Bites

These in no way resemble nougat but they were sort of melty in a good way and had a great balance between sweet and salty, which is one of my favourite things so I enjoyed them.

Falafel Shashi

Are kangaroos popular in Israel? Anyway these little puffs really did taste like falafel and Little O really liked them.

Strauss Popping Chocolate

I love a bit of popping candy and it made this milk chocolate really fun to eat in that it crackles as you eat it.

Mahroum Coconut Rolls

This was like coconut ice or the inside of a Bounty for the non-South Africans. Little O went absolutely mad for this and I basically had to wrestle him to even get a bite.

Onion Bissli

Universal Yums seems to be mad for onion flavoured things. There is almost always something oniony in these boxes. I hardly ever like it because the onion flavour is overwhelming. These were very nice though. Not too strong and really crunchy.

Mini pistachio halva

I like halva but this was average at best.

Everything Chik Chak

I am not sure what flavour “everything” is supposed to be. It seems sort of generically savoury with a horrible metallic aftertaste.

Pomegranate Turkish Delight

I love Turkish delight and pomegranate so this was a winner for me. Yum.

Next month we are back to South Korea. It was not my favourite last time so let’s see what this round is like.


  1. I didn’t expect to like anything from Israel, for some reason. But all of those looked really good to me, except that ‘metallic aftertaste’ thing of course! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Most of it was pretty taste but the Everything flavour crisps were grim.

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