MOVIE REVIEW: Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

After the events of Age of Ultron, Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man (Tom Holland) has returned to New York and been told to resume his “normal life” by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr). Essentially he would like Peter to be a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, who stays out of trouble and doesn’t draw attention to himself.

However after the excitement of fighting alongside The Avengers, Peter has no intention of keeping a low profile, especially when the local criminals appear to have gotten their hands on some pretty scary alien tech. When his requests for help from Tony fall on deaf ears, he decides to take matters into his own hands, but is he ready to take on Vulture (Adrian Toomes)?

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a lot of fun. Tom Holland is adorable as the young Parker and really captures the exuberance that comes with teenage boys. He is reckless, idealistic and tends to believe he is invincible. He’s not a big fan of rules but he also has the strong sense of responsibility that the character is known for.

I really enjoyed Peter’s interactions with Tony’s security chief, Happy (Jon Favreau), who sees him as an endless annoyance as well as his conversations with his suit, “Karen” (voiced by Jennifer Connelly). The suit Tony has designed for him has some awesome features and gadgets and watching him figure out how to use them without the “training wheels” is really funny.

Does your job ever make you feel like you’re being stretched?

As super villains go, Vulture is one of the more realised ones. His blue collar motivations are easy to understand and they play to the ethical questions that are raised around Stark Enterprises using their power and capital to advantage themselves. It revisits many of the themes of Age of Ultron. Of course his methods leave a lot to be desired. I love Michael Keaton and he brings gravitas and menace to the character. It’s a great performance and I am hoping that Vulture is going to resurface at some stage.

With a great balance of humour, action and food for thought Spider-Man: Homecoming is an excellent addition to the MCU and it feels like the choice to have the character played as a teenager really works. Loved it.



  1. I saw the first one years ago, but haven’t kept up! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. They vary massively in quality. This is definitely one of the better ones.

      1. I remember having a green slop of mushy peas slathered all over some. It was in Newcastle, in 1973. I had to ask the bloke what it was. I couldn’t eat it, and threw it in the bin. 🙂

  2. This one just didn’t win me over as it did with most people. Several key portions of Peter Parker’s story didn’t work for me nor did its re-imagining of some of his characters. I did love Keaton though. I just wish he didn’t disappear for huge hunks of the movie. Oh, I do love Holland as Spidey!

    1. More Keaton would have been great!

  3. I wasn’t sure whether we really needed a new Spider-Man but I actually really enjoyed Tom Holland’s take on the role. He is my favorite Spider-Man so and the film was so much fun.

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