TV REVIEW: Fleabag – Season 2

Season 2 kicks off with Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) in a much better place than before. The cafe is thriving. She’s no longer using sex as a weapon. And since Claire (Sian Clifford) refused to believe that Martin (Brett Gelman) made a pass at Fleabag, she’s been avoiding both of them. Life is good… or is it?

Dad (Bill Paterson) and Godmother (Olivia Colman) are engaged and they’ve decided it would be fun to get married by a priest (Andrew Scott). After the engagement party turns explosive, Fleabag finds herself thrust back into Claire’s life and very much drawn to the priest. Now she will have to navigate a sea of confusing feelings without losing the progress she has made.

I have no words for how incredible this series was. Essentially there are two core relationships under scrutiny. First is that between Fleabag and Claire. As the sisters realise that they could actually be a great support to each other if they just started to listen, they become a force to be reckoned with. It is beautiful to watch. Second is the relationship between Fleabag and the priest. Their chemistry is sizzling… tangible and adorable without being saccharine. Andrew Scott is so sexy in a completely non-obvious way and it is easy to see how Fleabag cannot stop herself from seeking him out.

Of course it continues to be absolutely hilarious. Claire’s hair emergency had me sobbing with laughter, as did chatty Wednesday. Once again the infamous statue plays an important part and leads to an excellent exchange between Fleabag and Belinda (Kristen Scott Thomas) about women and ageing.

If the ending doesn’t rip your heart out and stomp all over it, you are unquestionably made of stone. If you have ever been in love with someone you could not have, be warned, it will knock the breath out of your body.

Apparently there won’t be anymore Fleabag, which makes a lot of sense. Although there is no tidy ending we finish knowing that Fleabag has the skills and support to carry on with her life and thrive, even though it won’t be easy. I guess that sums up almost all of our lives.




  1. One of the best things I have ever seen on TV. I read that she is doing a limited run of the one-woman Fleabag show on stage. If I still lived anywhere near London, I would definitely go and see it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I so badly wanted to see the stage show but it sold out in minutes.

  2. I’m in a crappy mood and want something harsh and raw. This looks right up my alley!

    1. I think you would love it. In some ways it’s very in your face but the message is ultimately delivered in a subtle way.

      1. That sounds great, Abbi.

  3. I knew you’d love this! She is such a talent. Would be so wonderful to meet her. She’s so funny and creative and a presence on screen.

    1. She also wrote the first season of Killing Eve, which I loved.

      1. Yeah brilliant show. So much verve and energy and humour. And Jodie Comer. First time I’d seen her and she was amazing.

  4. IM Fletcher

    I didn’t realize this wasn’t coming back. A great story and great characters. I’m glad there wasn’t too much of a cliff hanger at the end (except for the fox).

    1. Yup. She’s said the story is told and she’s ready to move on. So I guess that’s it.

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