Universal Yums: February 2019 – Italy

This month’s box came from Italy. It has been the box I could eat the least from because there were so many things with nuts in them. Fortunately Little O was on hand to help me with the eating.

Amarettini Cookies

I couldn’t eat these because of the almonds but Little O loved them and refused to share.

Alfredo’s Truffle Chips

I think truffle is a bit of an acquired taste. I love it and I am a fan of truffle crisps. These were extra truffley so I was very happy.

Moretta Tiramisu

This was like a mini-roll but flat and boozy. I thought it was absolutely delicious. Often packaged cakes are super dry but this was really moist and soft. Yum!

Cuoronero Nocciole

Another one I couldn’t eat because of the nuts. Little O declared this chocolate bar “like a puzzle”, I think more in appearance than flavour.

Taralli Limone e Pepe

Little O and I really enjoyed these. They were super, super peppery, which I absolutely love. Mr O though, said they were disgusting.

Froletti Al Limone Cookies

These little shortbread cookies were very lemony and moreish. I love lemon flavoured anything so I enjoyed them. Little O was also a fan. As you may have noticed, he doesn’t really believe in clothes. I have added a lemon to protect his modesty.

Effervescent Fizzy Candies

More lemon flavour. This hard candy had a sherbet centre and was kind of fizzy and refreshing. Made me think of San Pellegrino lemon.

Sorini Giaduiatti

Another one I couldn’t eat because of nuts. Little O went absolutely mad for it though.

I am not sure what the next box will be but I will update when I do.


  1. I like the look of all of these, Abbi. Not 100% convinced about ‘peppery lemon’, but will take your word for it. Our grandson also prefers the ‘nudist camp’ look, and he’s 4+. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Have you stopped doing your ‘What I wore to work’ posts now, by the way?)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Apparently I was also a habitual nudist till I was four or five. I guess clothing just feels restrictive and at that age there’s no self-consciousness.

      I have stopped the posts. They were a lot of work with finding clothing to link to as most of mine is not current season. Also I am so busy at work these days I don’t often get a chance to go and take the photos!

      1. Sad to hear that, but perfectly understandable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I ate some of these things when I was a kid, but can’t remember what they taste like. I’m Italian, and my grandparents used to have many Italian tasties lying around the house. However, the Tarallini is something I’m very familiar with. We used to buy these at the corner Italian store, which we used to have a lot of when I was a kid. Now there is only one left in the neighborhood. In addition to the peppery flavor, they have a rich olive oil flavor. I love them. Those that you have are the smaller version, which is reflected by the name. The regular size is called Taralli. The pepper tends to burn the mouth when I eat several in a row. BTW, I had never heard of the Truffle Potato Chips.

    1. I grew up with lots of Dutch snacks because my dad and Oupa are Dutch and my Granny lived in The Netherlands for many years.

      I would happily eat a bigger version of the Tarallini. I loved them, even if my husband spat his out.

      As for the chips, I do sometimes wonder about the veracity of the boxes as there were things I didn’t recognise in the UK one and I have lived here almost fifteen years.

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