Universal Yums: Holiday Box 2018

As per tradition the December Universal Yums box was focused on food typically eaten at various holidays around the world. There were some pretty tasty items in the box… and some pretty weird ones that I did not love. Check out what we tasted.

Pierniki Uszatki from Poland

Look, I like gingerbread… a lot and I like mint flavoured things a lot. I can’t say that combining the two things was a winner though. It was like gingerbread toothpaste.

Straznicke Bramburky from the Czech Republic

These crisps were not messing around when it came to being mustard flavour. You know when you eat something mustardy and it burns your nostrils… well that’s what these were like. If you like mustard, you’ll love them. If not, avoid like the plague.

Popsmile Sweet Egg Yolk Popcorn from Taiwan

Okay confession time… I lost the insert of the box that tells you which holiday each food is from and I can’t remember when this popcorn gets eaten in Taiwan. It is pretty impossible to explain this flavour. It is bizarre. It is eggy but also sweet… and it’s on popcorn. I really, really liked it. Mr O refused to taste it after smelling it.

Qualitats Marzipan Brot from Germany

I can’t eat marzipan because of almonds so I let Little O have (some of) this. He seemed to quite like it.

Prickly Pear Yugwa Candy from South Korea

I did not get this at all. It was sort of sweet and greasy but with a slightly fishy aftertaste. I think if you deep-fried Styrofoam this is what you’d end up with.

San Andres Crunchy Chocolate Turron from Spain

Popped rice in chocolate sounds good, right? Well not when the chocolate is sort of weirdly greasy. Not for me.

Lucky New Year’s Candy from China

From the look on my face in the video I think you can tell that I was a bit apprehensive about tasting this based on what it looked like. It was actually really nice, reminded me a lot of halva.


  1. Bit of a disappointing box this time, Abbi. Not much there I would fancy, to be honest.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It wasn’t the best. Some quite odd bits.

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