2018: A review in collages

Rather than writing an essay about the year that passed, here is a collage of images for each month along with three brief highlights that made the month special.


  • I spoke I front of 2,500 people about the products I work on
  • I danced all night in Berlin
  • We ate a lot of cheese


  • I travelled to Frankfurt for work
  • It was pancake day
  • My friend, N and I drank fancy cocktails


  • It snowed a lot
  • Little O got to ride on some miniature trains
  • Little O did some dressing up


  • I climbed the O2 tower
  • I left my company after 14 years
  • I went to an awesome exhibition with MB


  • I started a new job
  • I finally met my friend, Mrs T in person
  • I went to a conference in Birmingham and got a free doughnut from Google


  • Little O turned 2 and had a pirate party
  • N and I ate ice cream
  • Little O fell in love with the hose pipe


  • My dad and is partner came to visit
  • We went to Colchester Castle
  • We had a second birthday party with our friends from London, including Jack’s two birthday twins


  • I got a tattoo of Little O
  • I met my friend, YB in person
  • Mr O and I went to Romeo and Juliet Secret Cinema
  • I went to DragWorld


  • I got another new tattoo symbolising my battle with depression and anxiety
  • Mr O and I celebrated 7 years of marriage
  • Little O’s nursery had a party


  • The O’s spent a weekend in Lisbon
  • I went to Heels of Hell
  • I did a 9km charity walk
  • Little O went Trick or Treating for the first time


  • I turned 38
  • Our friends, the S’s came to visit
  • Mr O and I went to see Slaves
  • We went to the turning on of the Christmas lights and bought our own tree


  • I baked a lot
  • I went to 2 work Christmas parties, hosted a toddler one and went to Little O’s nursery party
  • We had a wonderful family Christmas
  • I got a new tattoo


  1. What a wonderful round-up, Abbi. So many delightful photos, and treasured memories. 🙂
    Best wishes, and a happy new year to the three of you.

    1. Thank you! It’s been a rollercoaster of a year but we certainly have great memories.

  2. What a lovely set of collages. Wishing you and your family a very nice New Year.

  3. What a clever way to recap the year, Abbi. Three tattoos! They are artistic and look good on you, I’m sure. A very eventful year–I remember many of the posts about your highlights. Best wishes for 2019!

    1. Thank you. After not getting tattooed for 9 years, I felt ready to go for it again. I have ideas for many more so watch this space…

  4. Smiling all over. Have a wonderful 2019,

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