TV REVIEW: Line of Duty – Season 4

After a series of young women are kidnapped and murdered, Chief Superintendent Higgins (Derek Hilton) puts pressure on DI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) to make a break in the case. She arrests Michael Farmer (Scott Reid) and ignores the fact that his learning difficulties suggest that he’s unlikely to be capable. Further to this, Forensic Investigator, Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins) also has questions about some of the evidence, ones that Roz dismisses.

Ifield raises his concerns to AC-12, which enrages Roz and she visits his home to tell him to back off. Not long after this his body is found. Both the evidence in the kidnap cases and the evidence in Ifield’s murder are going in circles and suggesting unexpected connections, but what is real and what has been tampered with?

As DI Fleming (Vicky McClure) infiltrates Huntley’s team, DI Arnott (Martin Compston) investigatates from the outside but as political pressure to back off mounts it looks like a bigger conspiracy is afoot.

Season 4 of Line of Duty is as much about corruption and bad decisions as it is about inbuilt prejudice in the Police Service and the impacts of this. There is a focus on gender equality but racism also comes into the equation and none of the characters’ behaviour is free from scrutiny. 

While this season once again features a fascinating conspiracy and excellent performances, I missed Dot and I missed Lindsay Denton. Thandie Newton is excellent as the ambitious, bitter Huntley but she just isn’t quite as magnetic as Keeley Hawes.

I really enjoyed this series but not quite as much as the previous three. This said it is still one of the best things on TV and I cannot wait for season five, which is due to come to the BBC next year.



  1. I agree, Abbi. The first three were better. But if we hadn’t seen those, I reckon we would have thought this was fantastic. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Oh absolutely. It’s an excellent show. It only suffers in comparison to itself.

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