MOVIE REVIEW: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018)

Some of you might remember last year’s obsession with the Netflix original film A Christmas Prince, an outrageously cheesy festive sugar bomb of clichés and silliness. Of course Netflix spotted an opportunity to keep the action going and there’s a Royal Wedding based sequel. Mr O and I have revisited our commitment to watching a Christmas movie or TV special every day in December so we decided this was a great place to start.

I don’t know where to start with this. It is an absolute car crash. First of all there are way too many plotlines. Front and centre is the planning of the royal wedding. Amber (Rose McIver) is in turmoil because the palace’s protocol adviser is attempting to shut down her “career” and force her to give up her good old, down to earth American ways. She’s also had a wedding planner with some bonkers ideas thrust upon her. His name is Suhil (Raj Bajaj) and he sounds and behaves pretty much exactly like Lord Julian from Madagascar, a notoriously believable character.

Amber is also not very happy because Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) isn’t around to see her very much because he’s trying to figure out why his Aldovan work programme is haemorrhaging cash… not that he is willing to do any actual investigations. He just looks confused. 

Darling, why have you hired Rasputin to marry us?

At the same time Princess Emily (Honor Kneasley – probably the best actor in the entire film) is starring in a Christmas play with a boy she fancies, Amber’s leery father, Rudy (John Guerrasio) is driving the palace chef insane and evil cousin Simon is back.

With only a 92 minute run time that is a lot to wrap up so everything is underdeveloped. It’s also predictable AF and weighed down by a script that made me laugh out loud on several occasions. The thing is that it’s not trying to be anything it’s not. I can’t recommend this movie to anyone in good conscience and it’s lacking some of the charm of the original but if you want so bad it’s almost good, you might get a laugh out of this.



  1. Horrible.. I don’t even know why I watched this. 😀

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