BOOK REVIEW: Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch

This is the third book in the Peter Grant detective series set where London’s human criminal element meets its supernatural one. I really enjoyed the first two novels in this series so picking up the next one seemed like a no brainer.

This time Peter finds himself plunged into the art world after the son of an American diplomat is murdered with a shard of seemingly magical pottery in a subway tunnel. As Peter digs deeper he discovers that trains, sewers and rats aren’t the only thing under London’s busy roads.

Meanwhile he, his magically injured partner, Lesley and his boss Nightingale are still on the trail of the Faceless Man and the Little Crocodiles. He’s recruited an unwanted apprentice in his neighbour, Abigail. And the top brass are looking for any excuse to lock them down for good.

Once again this is a rollicking ride. Peter is a great character. He’s funny, shrewd and streetwise but also very capable of making very silly decisions and landing himself in hot water, which makes him very relatable. He’s also a bit sexy, which is nice. Lesley is back in a big way in this novel, which I was happy about because I missed her in the last one.

I love how the bureaucracy of modern police work comes up against Peter’s magical investigations and adding a CIA agent with a very American love of firearms in the mix makes for even more humour.

Aaronovitch meshes London’s history, geography and legends into his story and I left this book, as with the previous two, with a new appreciation of the magic that is London. 

If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll enjoy this edition as much as I did. 


1 Comment

  1. Sounds like another good one. I have the first two on my Amazon Wish List already, based on your reviews.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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