Universal Yums: October 2018 box – Russia

This month’s box came from Russia, which is somewhere that both frightens and fascinates me. There were some really nice things in the box and some fairly run of the mill ones. All in all a pretty average box.

Korovka Fairy TaleRoll Cake

I don’t think this chocolate covered swiss roll type thing was supposed to have alcohol in it but it tasted really boozy for some reason. It was pretty tasty to be honest so I am not complaining.

Hodolets and Horseradish Husks

I can’t say I was immediately excited by horseradish and meat jelly breadsticks but they were actually really delicious and Little O liked them too.

Blackcurrant Zefir

This chocolate covered blackcurrant marshmallow was looooovely. I could happily have eaten a bag of them!

Grapefruit Chocolate Bar

My particular chocolate bar was really battered when it arrived. I liked the gooey grapefruit centre with the dark chocolate but it got a little sickly.

Red October Krepysh

This peanut toffee was really nice. I love peanut anything so It was always going to get the nod from me.

Caramel Dreams

This was supposed to be caramel, lemon fondant and jam but I could only taste lemon and it was incredibly sweet.

Forest Fairy Honey Peanut Delight

This was another peanut toffee type thing and it was okay… nothing special.

Shaslik Potato Chips

These chips are supposed to be kebab flavoured. They weren’t bad but they just didn’t taste of much and they definitely didn’t taste of anything that made me think of a kebab.

Next month’s box is from The Netherlands and I can’t wait. The Dutch are excellent at snacks!


  1. Overall, the Russian box didn’t look that bad. I went to the Soviet Union a few times in the ‘old days’, but never saw anything like those treats. As always, your expressions make these posts, and are a joy to watch! šŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It was fine. Nothing special but also nothing horrible. I can imagine you have some great stories from the Soviet Union. Maybe a new blog series?

  2. These look interesting. Where do I sign up?

    1. You can sign up here and then we both get some free account credit: https://www.universalyums.com?uy=8iwurgslgn

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