Little O’s quarterly update – 2 1/4

It’s been three months since Little O’s second birthday so it’s time to check in and see what he’s been up to.

Little O now talks nineteen to the dozen and mostly makes sense. We are amazed at how big his vocabulary is and how well he is putting together words to make little sentences. He can tell us what he wants (and doesn’t want) and narrates almost everything he does.

He has a number of interesting fascinations. The first is hiding. He loves to hide under the covers of our bed and also under the throw in our front room. He also likes to make us hide. It’s not always the most logical since he often tells us where he is hiding or where we should hide… sometimes everyone who is at home is hiding together. Who are we hiding from? The other thing he’s fascinated with his “shadow Jack”. He points out his shadow all the time and gets quite confused when he can’t see it in the shade. The only thing more popular than hiding is something he calls “castle”, which involves using me as a human climbing frame/wrestling buddy.


Little O has become somewhat obsessed with The Incredibles and makes us watch it over and over again. Although he refers to it as “The baby” because he loves Jack-Jack. Mrs O Senior bought him an Incredibles sweatshirt and he calls it his Jack-Jack. It is the only thing he wants to wear.


Earlier this month he moved up to the next class at nursery and is loving it. He has proved himself to be an opportunist though. First he liberated a George Pig teddy (from Peppa Pig) and was so insistent that he couldn’t leave without it that the nursery staff just agreed to let him have it. A couple of weeks later when I went to collect him he was wearing a Lightning McQueen hoody. Iasked where it had come from and they were surprised it wasn’t his as he’d taken it out of the lost property box, said “it’s mine” and asked to put it on. In the end he got to keep that too as it had been in the box for ages.


He’s still not the world’s greatest sleeper so we won’t talk about that.

We decided to buy a potty when it was warmer since he was naked all the time in case he took an interest. We didn’t have much hope since he’s only just two but he’s surprised us by doing really well. He’s not completely dry yet but we haven’t had a nappy poo in weeks and he regularly asks to use the potty. Our approach has been to put no pressure on him and let him lead and so far it is working.


He continues to be a sweet, affectionate little boy who loves kisses and cuddles and playing with other children. I took him to the playground recently and he shared his breadsticks with every other child completely unprompted by me. I was rather proud.

Oh… and he’s finally had a haircut!


I am truly amazed by how much he has grown and developed in the last three months and I can’t wait to see what is next.





  1. Even though I have no children, I can relate to this journey via my step-grandson, who will be 4 in December. The last six months have seen a huge jump in development, and he has become a real ‘little boy’. I was pleased to see that haircut. Being rather old-fashioned, I don’t like to see little boys with long hair. 🙂
    Lovely photos as well, Abbi.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I am not ruling out growing it out a bit later but it had grown so unevenly that he had a mullet… and that doesn’t suit anyone. Haha!

      Definitely more of a boy than a baby now!

  2. Great shots of your beautiful boy. Love the blue-eyed one with him wrapped in a blanket. Just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you. He looks so innocent in that one but he was at the time laughing at his own farts.

  3. kitchenjoymandy

    He is absolutely darling. My 2 year-old is shocking me with her growing vocabulary every day too! I’m jealous about your potty training progress. We were doing well for a while but she has recently decided she wants no part of it anymore. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    1. Thank you so much. It is truly amazing how fast their language develops. The potty training is very up and down. We are trying to just go with the flow (no pun intended) and encourage without putting pressure but it can be really frustrating.

  4. MIB

    Good to see the little fella again and that he’s doing so well! 🙂

    1. Growing like a weed and full of fun and energy!

  5. I absolutely love that pic of the two of you on the floor! Sounds like Jack is advancing in leaps and bounds. And Shadow Jack? That is adorable!

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