Universal Yums July 2018 box: Taiwan

This month’s box is from Taiwan. So many strange flavours, which makes me super happy… although I will admit I didn’t love all of them.

PopSmile Bubble Tea Popcorn with Black Tea Flakes


This popcorn legitimately tastes like milky tea. It was extremely odd but I really liked it. Mr O said it was disgusting.

Seaweed Corn Bar


I wasn’t expecting much from something described as a corn and seaweed bar but it was crunchy and savoury-sweet and I really liked it.

Cadina Salted Fries


You don’t need to go to Taiwan for these. Just buy some fries from McDonald’s and leave them out overnight.

Mincher Spicy Scallion Stick


This was all the flavours… sweet, salty, spicy… as well as being crunchy. I loved it and Mr O and I fought over it a little.

Taiwan Peanut Butter Choco Ball


I am never going to complain about peanut butter and chocolate but the squidgy mocha layer in between the two was… interesting.

Mincher Taro Wafer


I quite like a wafer but this had absolutely zero flavour. Might as well have eaten cardboard.

Nice Choice Five Spice Crackers


I really like five spice as a flavour and as it’s so prevalent in Chinese cooking, these crackers kind of felt like a shortcut to going out for a Chinese meal. I really liked them!

Smoked Plum Candy


I like BBQ sauce and I don’t mind boiled sweets. That doesn’t mean combining them into one thing is a good idea. I mean apparently this is smoked plum but it really did taste like BBQ sauce.

Black Sesame Milk Candy


This was chewy and reminded me of sesame oil… something I would more associate with a stir fry… but hey, ho… whatever…

Next month’s box is the UK. Universal Yums doesn’t send you the box of the country you live in unless you specifically request it and I didn’t see the point of paying £15 for stuff I could buy in Tesco. I will be watching Instagram closely though to see what kinds of snacks are representing Great Britain.


  1. I’m very curious what the UK will be too

  2. Sadly not much to interest me in Taiwan. Other than the five spice cracker, I didn’t fancy any of those. I don’t like peanut butter, and the idea of Tea and Popcorn sounds horrible. But it was worth it, to see your face after the BBQ Plum Candy! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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