Universal Yums June 2018 box: Brazil

Last month’s box came from Brazil, which is somewhere I am very keen to visit. One of my most beloved colleagues from my previous job is a Brazilian chap and he told me the most wonderful stories of his life there. It seems like such an exciting melting pot of a place. In terms of snacks, it too was a really mixed bag. There were some great things and some not so great things but definitely enough unusual flavours to keep me intrigued.

Cory Pao Dimel


Apparently this chocolate covered “honey bread” is a major Brazilian delicacy. Personally I wasn’t sold. The flavour wasn’t bad but it was super dry.

Amori 1000


Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that I am a great lover of coconut. It’s pretty easy to get wrong though and in this case it went wrong. The coconut flavour in this chocolate bar was really artificial and it made me think of cheap sunscreen from the 80’s.

Docigoma Gurt


I really liked these little yogurt gummies. Great flavour and texture.

Squil Churrasco


I am not usually the biggest fan of meat flavoured crisps since they tend to just be salty however these were amazing. They tasted like an actual bbq. I could have eaten about 20 bags of them,

Delicitos Pimenta


Mr O and I were so into these crispy little pillow-shaped snacks. They were a kind of spicy pepper flavour. You don’t immediately taste the spice though so it really creeps up on you. I wish I could taste the other versions.

Frutabella Amendoiks


I love peanut butter so chewy peanut butter sweets were always going to be a winner for me.

Banannada com Chocolate


In theory chocolate covered banana sounded great. In reality it was like gelatinous banana bread and I really did not enjoy the texture. I wouldn’t eat another one of these given the choice.

Next month’s box will feature snacks from Taiwan!


  1. Not many good ones for my taste this time. Coconut is also my choice, but artificial flavour of same is a no-no. I might like the BBQ crisps, but that’s about it. Looking forward to the next one!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Artificial coconut is the worst! I am really interested to see what is in the Taiwan box, I don’t really have much of a frame of reference for Taiwanese food.

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