MOVIE REVIEW: Green Room (2015)

After their gig is cancelled a struggling punk band reluctantly agrees to play at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar. When they accidentally witness a murder they are forced to fight their way out or face certain death.

I think what probably initially drew Mr O and I to this film was the fact that the neo-Nazi leader is played by Patrick Stewart. He is normally known for playing powerful good guys (Captain Picard, Professor X) so seeing him in a darker role is really exciting. He definitely gives a powerful and very sinister performance. Rather than coming across as menacing through violence, his character is softly spoken, persuasive and manipulative.

The lead role within in the band is played by the late Anton Yelchin in one of his last roles. He does a good job of representing how a normal person might react to such a frightening situation. He is ably supported by Joe Cole, Alia Shawkat and Callum Turner who make up the rest of the band. I was particularly taken though with Imogen Poots, who plays a skinhead girl, trapped with the band and mourning her murdered friend while fighting for her own life.



Next time, let’s just go see Ed Sheeran, okay?

The grey-green colour palette does really well to create an intense, gloomy atmosphere and to emphasise the absolute grimness of the group’s position. There’s no shy-away from brutal violence and a short running time ensures that it’s a real edge of your seat experience.

There’s a bit of a star-crossed lovers subplot going on within the neo-Nazi group. It doesn’t exactly detract but I am not sure it really adds anything and if it was necessary.

Definitely one worth watching if you can stomach a bit of gore.



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  1. A brutal flick. Nice review.

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