Little O’s 2nd birthday party in pictures

Last week Saturday we hosted Little O’s second birthday party in our garden. I know some people think having birthday parties for toddlers is silly and a waste of energy but seeing the absolute joy on his face as he tore around the garden with friends and family was definitely worth the effort he put in. He might not have know it was his birthday but he did know he was having a good time. As is very obvious from the pictures it was a pirate party… and yes, I did make the cake.



Of course Little O only wanted to eat the Skittles and Smarties



Cousin slide squish



The family that sails together stays together?



Mr Osbiston’s costume did not turn up in time so I had to go the full hog alone



I did not think Little O would want to wear this bandana but he was furious when Mr O put it on and wore it the whole day!



Beware of the jelly!



Cuddles from his beloved, Nanny AKA Mrs O Senior









  1. Ah, Pirates. Our grandson is pirate-mad at the moment, driven by Peter Pan and Captain Hook.
    Looks like a great time was had by all, and you made a convincing swashbuckler, Abbi. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I totally support toddlers having birthday parties!! our little guy turns 2 in a few weeks, and while his party won’t be the size of his 1st, we are definitely having one though, however we aren’t hosting it at home this year

  3. Beware the jellies is my favorite picture, but I loved them all. Your cake, the outfits, the happy family–wow, he’s 2!

  4. MIB

    Belated happy birthday to Little O! And well done you for all your efforts for the party. Everything looks great! 🙂

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