Universal Yums May 2018 Box: The Philippines

This month’s snacks came all the way from The Philippines. I was really excited to try this box because I have never had food from The Philippines before. While the western European boxes are nice, it is much more exciting to taste foods from less familiar places.

Boy Bawang Barbeque


These bbq flavoured baked corn bits had a bit of an odd aftertaste and to start I was not sure if I liked them but they really grew on me. Little O was absolutely mad for them and followed me around sticking his little paw in the bag every few seconds.

Pinipig Polovoron


This crumbly shortbread was made extra delicious by the addition of toasted coconut. I could have eaten about 50 of them.

Cupp Keyk – Cheezy Cheese Flavour


The name of these is hilarious because they are essentially “cupcakes”. I have to admit that cheese is not a flavour I usually associate with cupcakes but as we know, I will try almost anything. In the end the cheese flavour was not that strong and it wasn’t horrible. It was odd though and I definitely wouldn’t seek out another one.

Leslie’s Cheezy Corn Crunch


The label on these says outrageously spicy. They were not spicy at all. Apparently Philippine food is particularly unspicy so maybe that’s why. They were very tasty though.

Fudgee Bar – Chocolate flavour


This was kind of like an American Twinkie. I really didn’t like it. The flavour was super artificial and it was very, very dry despite being filled with chocolate “cream”.

Oishi Pillows Ube-Filled Crackers


Ube is a purple potato commonly used in desserts in The Philippines. Yes, really. I was very dubious about these but they were absolutely delicious. Little O, loved them as much as I did and it was a little bit of a fight to see who got the most.

Mr Mais


It’s kind of hard to explain this. Like a chewy corn flavoured sweet with butter flavoured goo in the middle. Basically a corn on the cob sweet. It was really strange.

Mr Buko


This was the same style sweet as the corn one but flavoured with buko padan, which is young coconut meat. I love coconut so I really enjoyed this… much more than the corn one.

Overall The Philippines box was really interesting, with some very unusual flavours. The June box, which should be coming soon is from Brazil.


  1. I would demolish that coconut topped shortbread too. Love those flavours.
    As always, your expressions make these posts a complete delight! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The more coconut the better!

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