Things I wore to work this week #18

It was a bit of a week of two halves in terms of weather so I started more covered up and then as it warmed up I needed cooler outfits. I am not the best at summer. I am just a ball of hayfever, sweat and spots. The hot weather always makes me a bit grumpy… that and the fact that although the work is really interesting in my new job I am struggling to make friends and some people really don’t seem to like me. Let’s hope next week is better.



Vest probably still available from Primark but not on their website so similar from ASOS
Trousers from New Look
Shoes no longer available from New Look but similar from Office



Jumpsuit from H&M (this version is black… the grey one is not on their website but definitely still in store)
Sandals no longer available from Clark’s but similar



Vest probably still available from Primark but not on their website so similar from ASOS
Skirt from New Look
Shoes from Clark’s



Dress no longer available from Wal G via ASOS but similar
Sandals no longer available from Clark’s but similar


  1. I like most all your outfits. I have to say, though, the gray thing looks droopy on you. The other outfits look fine. 🙂

    1. It’s soooooo comfy. Lol!

  2. Some people don’t seem to like you? That’s not possible, surely? How can they dislike Abbi O?
    Anyway, their loss.
    I am torn between the check skirt on Wednesday (great shoes with that), and Thursday’s red dress. As the dress gives you a ‘killer profile’, I have to come down in favour of that. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It has been mentioned that I am very loud. The thing is that I don’t actually talk to many people because no one talks to me. I do have a fair few conference calls to Bangalore though so I guess I am talking too loudly on those. I am just trying to keep a low profile and get on with the work.

      1. I was always fairly loud and outspoken when I was in the Ambulance Service, but if you have to do conference calls, you are bound to have to speak up! 🙂
        Best wishes, Pete.

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