Things I wore to work this week #17

Only two outfits this week. Monday was a bank holiday so I didn’t go to work and on Wednesday I was in the Leeds office, which does not have a god bathroom selfie mirror… and I am back to working from home on Fridays. The weather has been quite nice but still a bit unpredictable so I have been looking for outfits that work well for in-between weather and also with the fact that it’s a lot colder when I leave the house at 7am than when I get home at 6pm.



Top from New Look
Culottes no longer available from New Look but similar
Shoes from Clark’s



Dress from ASOS
Sandals no longer available from Clark’s but similar


  1. keep sharing, smiles, happiness…

  2. Both good choices of outfit, and very ‘You’.
    But you look so great in that black dress, I am picking Thursday. 🙂
    Hope you are feeling more settled in the new job, Abbi.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thank you! I am slowly getting there, I think…

      1. One word. ‘Fabulous’! x

  3. While you like to show off your legs, it was nice to see different lengths this week. I like them both!

    1. The in between weather hasn’t been great for leg flashing. It is too warm for tights but too cold for mini-skirts! I did get to spent the weekend in shorts at least!

  4. You look lovely in that black dress.

        1. That’s so sweet. Thank you!

          1. Just being the kind gentleman I always am.

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