Universal Yums April 2018 box: Spain

Last month’s snacks came from Spain. There were some great ones and some weird ones but I would say all in all a good an varied box. This is what we tasted.

La Abuela Nieves Artisan Potato Chips


These tasted a lot like smoky bacon crisps to me. I like bacon and crisps and smoky bacon crisps so what’s not to like. Little O also a fan.

Montecado Doble De Limon


This was a lemon flavoured shortbread. Tasty but very crumbly. The texture was maybe a bit powdery for me.

Puntazos Mix Contail de Maiz


I couldn’t find the little Spanish background picture for this one. Basically it was all little spicy corn based snacks from little Dorito type things, to balls to actual roasted bits of corn. It was really nice and very moreish and I could have eaten loads.

El Caseiro Chocolate con Pinones


I like chocolate and I like pine nuts. Do I like them together? No.

Carmen Lupianez Tortas de Aceite


This was a cookie made with olive oil. It wasn’t horrible but I didn’t love it either. Average at best.

Lacasitos Gold


Imagine if Smarties were filled with caramel flavoured white chocolate? Well that’s exactly what these are like and they are fabulous. I stupidly let Little O have one and then he nicked the tube off me and I didn’t see them again. I could eat a bucket of these.

El Caseiro De Tafalla Crema Pistachio


I shouldn’t have eaten this because I don’t get on well with pistachio nuts but I didn’t really register until I was eating it. It tasted much more like marzipan… so almonds… to me than pistachios. Fortunately no ill effects.

Leticias Naranja al Chocolate


This was like a spicy candied orange slice covered in dark chocolate. It was the best thing in the box by far and I had to fight Little O for it.

Shiki Shin Barbecoa


Little O and I both loved these BBQ flavoured puffs. They were super moreish.

Next month we are tasting food from The Philippines, which I am looking forward to.

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  1. What I like so much about this feature is that I can tell from your expressions how you feel about each item. We almost don’t need any captions! The Spanish box looks great, but I agree about pine nuts and chocolate. That sounds wrong.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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