Things I wore to work recently: highlights

It’s been three weeks since I posted one of these and it seems a bit much trying to go back and post everything I wore in that time so I have picked five highlights. As you’ll see the weather has been somewhat up and down in that time. Those of you who might have wondered, I did manage to find selfie mirror at my new office, although I am not completely sold on the lighting and there are definitely more women to use the bathroom so I have to pick my moments wisely.

Outfit 1


Top no longer available from New Look, but similar
Skirt from ASOS
Shoes no longer available from New Look but similar from Office

Outfit 2


Dress no longer available from Red Herring but similar from ASOS
Boots no longer available from Blowfish Malibu but similar.

Outfit 3


Top from New Look
Skirt no longer available from ASOS but similar from Pretty Little Thing
Shoes from Clark’s

Outfit 4


Jumper no longer available from ASOS but similar
Trousers from H&M
Shoes no longer available from Clark’s but similar from Office


Outfit 5


Top from H&M
Trousers no longer available from Primark but similar from H&M
Sandals no longer available from Clark’s but similar


  1. Great to see this fun feature back, Abbi.
    I am torn between the red skirt (1) and the striped top (3). Going with the red skirt because red and black goes so well, and I enjoyed your cheeky expression! 🙂
    (Don’t pack it in, the lighting is good enough)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Outfit three wins for me. I love solid colors, especially green.

  3. Always so fashionable man!

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