Universal Yums March 2018 box: Poland

Despite the fact that my company has an office in Warsaw, I have never managed to go to Poland, something that makes me rather sad. I have heard good things and I really would like to visit one day. In the meantime I am going to settle for some snacks.

Tapsy Cheese and Onion Chips


Cheese and onion is not usually my go to flavour for crisps but these were great. The flavour was really subtle and I found them to be extremely moreish. Probably too much so and Mr O and I squabbled a bit over who was getting their fair share.


Wawel Milkizz


I was not mad keen on this chocolate bar. It had a sort of a milky centre but the aftertaste was weird. I wouldn’t choose to eat another one.

Krowki Milky Cream Fudge


When I first bit into this fudge I thought it was going to be hard but it actually had a hardish sort of shell and then a creamy, soft centre, which was nice. Mr O surprised me by gatecrashing my video…

Soleo Caramel Pretzels


Pretzel sticks half covered in caramel? What’s not to like? I thought these were great. Little O was very keen to get involved but he only liked the pretzel bit and not the coating, so I had to snap off the ends to give him and eat the coated bit myself. Seems like a good deal to me.

Dobosz Chocolate Plum


I really like fruit and chocolate together. I wasn’t expecting the plum to be so sour and it was a bit weird but I liked it a lot.

Aksam Peanuts with Paprika


These coated peanuts were crispy and crunchy and sort of sweet-savoury. Mr O and I both loved them!

Raczki “Lobster Tails”


These are called lobster tails because they are pink and white. They did not taste like lobster… more like the smell of furniture polish. Not for me.

Overall Poland was a pretty good box! Next month we will be trying snacks from Spain, which I am very much looking forward to!


  1. Judging from your reactions, this was a very good selection overall. There are quite a few Polish shops in Norfolk, so I might be checking out some of these snacks.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It really was. There were some delicious snacks in here. Definitely worth checking out a few if you have the opportunity.

  2. If you like Polish treats I’d recommend checking out Prince Polo. It’s a very Polish candy bar that’s dark chocolate covering a wafer center. You can usually find them in European/Eastern European Delis and shops in the US for pretty cheap. Cool post!

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