What I wore to work this week #10

Over the weekend I watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model where Tyra Banks gave some tips on how to take better mirror selfies. One of her suggestions was to drop your phone down when you want to show the whole outfit from the side. I decided to give it a go this week… and I am not sure about the results. My Instagram followers weren’t sure either and I got mixed reviews. What do you guys think?



Top from New Look
Skirt from New Look
Boots no longer available from Blowfish Malibu but similar



Top no longer available from New Look but similar from ASOS
Skirt no longer available at Primark but similar.
Boots from Clark’s



Dress from ASOS
Boots no longer available from Schuh but similar



Dress no longer available from Next but similar from ASOS
Boots from Clark’s


  1. I think there was nothing wrong with the way you took the shots before, but it’s fine either way for me. I was admiring the button-up dress from Thursday, but eventually settled on Monday, as you look amazing in that top, and your hair is down.
    That one is my top pick this week! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks Pete. I love that yellow top. I even have it in white as well!

  2. I like the phone in front. Your boobs look disproportionate to your skinny legs when the phone is down.

    1. I do kind of think that… but the reality is somewhat in between the two styles of photo… I am actually out of proportion. My legs are longer than they look with the phone in front… and my boobs are a bit ridiculous for my frame… sigh! Appreciate the feedback!

      1. You are,still very pretty with a lovely figure.
        After my recent illness, I dropped 40 mounds. It is strange to see a tinier me n of course everything shrank except my boobs. They are big flopping half inflated balloons.
        Good bras help. But I feel disproportionate. Wish I had $ for a reduction…

  3. Loving the outfits, as always! As for the pics, Tyra Banks be mad (but that’s just my opinion). You look fantastic! These posts are fantastic.

    1. Thanks Zoë. She is a bit nuts but I love her. I’ve gone back to normal pics this week but it was fun to try.

      1. Well, you never know something for certain unless you try it! Looking forward to seeing the new outfits, helps me see what does and does not work and where there are nice things to buy haha. I am still learning. Baby steps.

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