Universal Yums February 2018 box: France

I wasn’t massively excited when I found out February’s box was going to be France. I reckoned it would be a bit boring but I was totally wrong. Pretty much everything in the box was delicious and quite a few bits were things I had never eaten before. The flavours weren’t crazy or anything but they were still great. The French are, of course, known for their cuisine so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that they pulled it out of the box (see what I did there).

Sibell Black Truffle Chips


I really like the flavour of truffles. When we lived in Wandsworth there was an amazing Italian restaurant around the corner from where we lived and I was mad for their truffle pasta. I can’t say that the flavour transferred well to these crisps though and while they weren’t horrible, they weren’t great either.

Klaus Violet Chocolate Bar


I really like dark chocolate and the actual chocolate from this was delicious. I am not sure though that adding little bits of violet made it better though. I am not completely opposed to floral/herby flavours with chocolate but this just didn’t really do it for me. It was unusual rather than delicious and I wouldn’t seek it out.

Klaus Caramels with Chestnut Cream


These were little chewy toffees, stuffed with chestnuts. I am not sure I have ever had chestnuts before so I don’t know if they’re something I am allergic to so I took a little bit of a risk trying them. Turns out they’re okay and they were delicious.

Gavottes Crispy Crepes Filled with Basil Pesto


This is like a crispy crepe filled with basil pesto. I am not sure if pesto is very French but it was a really delicious combo and I could have eaten loads of these.

Roullier Almond Financiers


I couldn’t taste this almond cake because I can’t eat almonds so I let Little O have it. He went absolutely nuts (geddit) for it and I almost lost a finger in the process. These were voted the “Best Yum” by recipients of the box so I am a bit sad I didn’t get to taste them.

Kubli Fruit Filled Hearts


Apparently French people give out these apple flavoured sweets for Valentines’ Day. I have to admit that while I was eating mine I totally thought it was strawberry flavoured. Oops. Either way, I really liked how tangy they were and the gooey centre was great.

Roullier Raspberry Madeleines

Look who doesn’t love madeleines and who doesn’t love raspberries. Put them together and it’s extra delicious. I could have eaten loads of these. YUM!

As a whole the French box was great. Next box… Poland!



  1. The French do love their ‘Marrons’, but I was never a fan of the Chestnut flavour.
    The Madeleine looks tasty, and the addition of violets to the chocolate was interesting. When I was young, we used to buy sweets called ‘Parma Violets’ that had that flavour. My Mum’s name was Violet, so I always associated them with her.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I have tasted Parma Violets. I can’t say I am a fan but Mr O quite enjoys them. I think they taste a bit “perfumey”.

      1. That’s the right description. I don’t think I could eat them now, they are simply a childhood memory.

  2. I like your reactions. Especially from the little helper.

    1. Thanks! He now gets excited whenever he sees the box. I think he really enjoys tasting new flavours.

  3. Chanel

    First time I tried this box, I got Israel and it was so underwhelming aside from the chocolate bar that basically had pop rocks in it. It was awesome! I only tried Universal Yums once, but your review is giving me hope again especially since hearing about Poland. I’m so curious what Central and Eastern European snacks are like! I’m looking forward to seeing that review

    1. So far we have really loved the South American ones. I am definitely keen for more Eastern European ones though because I’ve always enjoyed the food when I’ve travelled there.

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