Universal Yums January 2018 Box: Greece

The first Universal Yums box of the year for 2018 is from Greece! Let’s see what Mediterranean delights we tried.

Totti’s Onion Bread Chips


These were like little flat crutons… almost like melba toast but onion flavoured and they were bloody delicious.

Sesame Pasteli with Almonds


I couldn’t taste this one because it had almonds in it and I am allergic. So I decided to let Little O have a go. He was a big fan!

Parthenon Green Olives with Fennel and Coriander


What could be more Greek than olives! I love olives, so no complaints from me. I really liked the flavour of the coriander seeds, which are often used in South African sausages, so happy days!

Bergamot Jelly Candies


These were little sugar covered jelly sweets. The texture was nice, I am just not sure I am sold on bergamot as a flavour. It’s just sort of perfumey and it doesn’t do it for me. WordPress refuses to upload the video of me eating this.

Serenata Dark Chocolate Wafer


You can’t really go wrong with a wafer covered in chocolate, can you? It was really nice.

Totti’s Oregano Chips


Oregano is one of my favourite herbs so these crisps were always going to be a winner. Delicious!

Bliss Cocoa Toffee

I love chocolate and I love toffees so chocolate toffees get the thumbs up from me. Little O was very keen to try too so that is where the last bit of the toffee has disappeared in the video.

Derby Chocolate Bar


This really reminded me of a Lion bar but then it had coconut in it as well, which was lush. I like coconut in everything. I would totally buy these.

As a whole the Greek box was a bit underwhelming. There were lots of nice things in it but a bit like the Belgian box, none of it was really that unique or unusual and I am the happiest when I can try totally random stuff I would never come across in my normal life.

Next month is France so I am thinking it might also be a damp squib.


  1. I agree that it didn’t seem to be very ‘Greek’, but a Lion Bar with coconut would work for me! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yeah… it felt like they could have been from anywhere. The coconut Lion Bar was delicious though.

  2. I want that lion bar!

    1. It was really tasty.

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