20 month update

Age: 20 months
I like: hot cross buns, boobs, animal noises, singing to myself



Sleeping continues to be random and unpredictable… but we are used to this now and we try not to think about it too much. I do sometimes long for a bit of a lay in or having Mr O and I sleep in the same bed more often or not having to calm someone back to sleep multiple times in the night. Eventually he will sleep on his own. At least 90% of the time Little O at least goes to bed with no fuss and that means we at least get to have an evening.



Current favourite food is hot cross buns. He is absolutely mad for them and likes to shout, “BUN!”, which means get one in the toaster post haste, mother. Little O also loves ryvitas, bread and all manner of other carbs… and sausages. At nursery he continues to eat pretty much everything that is put in front of him… at home he is a bit fussier. My take with food is to keep offering and if he eats, great and if he doesn’t that’s his choice. For a treat on the weekends I sometimes take him to Starbucks for a “babychino”. He loves having his little cup of frothed milk and sits very nicely at the table and drinks remarkably successfully from an open cup. We do still breastfeed and he has started asking for “bobo”.


Communication and socialisation

Little O’s speech is coming on leaps and bounds. He has started trying to repeat what we say and has more and more words independently. He is now calling me “mummy” regularly, which makes me happier than I should probably admit to. It is also easy to see his little personality starting to emerge. He has a great sense of humour and laughs at lots of things he thinks are funny, especially his own farts. He is generally an extremely happy and sociable child and loves the company of other children, although I took him to the park the other day and another (smaller) boy pushed him over. He became a bit nervous of other children for the rest of the time we were on the playgroup, which made me a bit sad. Sometimes when he doesn’t get his own way he becomes frustrated and will kick off a bit but this is still fairly rare.



Clambering is all the rage at the moment and Little O’s best trick is to climb up the sofa and sit behind me and play with my hair. His tactics are somewhere in between “what lovely hair you have mummy” and “I think you’d be better bald”. He has also become frustrated with not being allowed to come down the stairs himself but they are a bit of a death trap and I am not ready for that level of danger right now. He is more or less running now although still with the gait of a wobbly drunk… usually straight towards a puddle.



  1. He is such a sweet thing!!

    So brilliant that you are still BF! I am bloody proud that we are still going 8 months down the line 😁

    1. Thanks, hon! 8 months is amazing. I have been very lucky as Little O is a “bobo” monster and has always made it fairly easy for me. He latched on before he even opened his eyes and he’s never let go. Lol!

  2. He’s looking tall now, and it’s great to see him running around outside too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. He just loves being outdoors. I find it really challenging when the weather is bad because he can’t understand why we can’t go out… only made worse by the fact that he acts like he is being waterboarded if I put the buggy’s rain cover on.

  3. He looks like he’s having the time of his life. Lovely to see.

  4. Just gorgeous! Loving seeing his character developing, want to squish him and bottle him up! xxx

    1. Thank you so much! He certainly has me wrapped around his little finger. If you ever fancy a trip to Essex you are welcome to squish him!!! Xx

  5. Ah, he’s looking adorable and so happy. These updates are great.

    “… I took him to the park the other day and another (smaller) boy pushed him over. He became a bit nervous of other children for the rest of the time we were on the playgroup, which made me a bit sad.” – this made me sad 😦

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