What I wore to work this week #7

This week was absolutely freezing at the beginning so I was extremely grateful for the new boots I bought last week. My knee-high boots broke at the zip and they were on their last legs so I was lucky to bag a bargain in the sales. Happy days!



Top no longer available from New Look but similar from ASOS
Skirt from ASOS
Boots from UGG available on Amazon



Dress from Bershka, available at ASOS
Boots from UGG available on Amazon



Sweatshirt from H&M
Jeans no longer available from Primark but similar
Boots from Clark’s



Sweatshirt from H&M
Trousers from H&M
Boots from Clark’s


  1. The floral dress looks great, but I think you nailed it with Monday’s white top and black skirt, Abbi. Simple, yet very effective. My top pick! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks, Pete! I do like a bit of monochrome on occasion. There is a reason some things are classic!

  2. MIB

    Thanks to these posts, I think I’ve probably seen the interior of your work place toilets more than most of your colleagues have! 😛

    1. Well considering that it is the ladies’ toilet and I work almost exclusively with men, your statement is true.

      1. MIB

        I’m curious as to what your job is now… 😉

        1. I’m a Product Owner. I work in software development and technology is still a very male dominated environment.

          1. MIB

            Ah right. So that’s why you’re able to take all these photos cos you have the ladies’ toilets all to yourself…. 😉 😛

            1. Yup. There are a few other women, for example the scrum master for my team is a lady, but there are so few that it’s rare to encounter someone else in the loo.

              1. MIB

                “Scrum master”? So you play rugby at work too?

                1. Hahaha! No it’s a common job function in Agile software development.

                  1. MIB

                    Agile software… I’m completely lost now…. 😮

  3. You look great, Abbi!

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