What I wore to work this week #6

This week I actually went into my normal office for four days in a row for the first time in six weeks, which seems mad. So this time there are four outfits. It was freezing during the week so I had to try and balance out style and warmth. I am not sure I succeeded!



Shirt no longer available from Burton but similar
Dress no longer available from Topshop but similar from ASOS
Boots from Clark’s



Jumper from Brave Soul
Jeans from New Look
Boots from Clark’s



Dress no longer available from Topshop but similar from ASOS
Boots no longer available from Blowfish Malibu but similar.



Top probably still available at Primark but not on the website. Similar from ASOS.
Skirt no longer available at Primark but similar.
Boots from Clark’s


  1. Another successful collection of styles! You nailed the grunge vibes and created warm fashions brilliantly. 🤘

    1. Thank you! I am loving revisiting the 90s, since I was a teenager when all this stuff was in the first time around!

      1. Favorite days of mine! The college years for me. A bit rowdy but mostly optimistic times. Have a great weekend!

  2. I think you got it just right as usual, Abbi. My favourite is Thursday, as it looks great with your hair down, but it was a tough choice between that and Monday!. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks, Pete! Lots of burgundy this week. Think next week needs some more patterns!

  3. I like Tuesday. The fringe on the shoulders is cute.

    1. Thank you. I had to buy it as an emergency because I spilled my lunch down my top one day. I do love it though!

  4. Great looks. And it has been freezing!

    1. Thank you! I leave home before 7am so in the mornings I am so so cold!

      1. And don’t see much sunlight either I’m guessing. Hate early starts.

        1. Fortunately my office has massive windows and I sit in a corner surrounded by light.

  5. MIB

    Don’t take this the wrong way but because of the black, blue and maroon (?) co-ordination in each shot, to me it looks the same clothes rearranged four times. 😉 😛

    1. I definitely have a sort of colour palette in winter that involves a lot of blue, black and what I’d call burgundy but maroon works too!

      1. MIB

        Ah burgundy – that was the colour I was trying to think of but came up with maroon instead.. :/

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