TV REVIEW: Outlander – Series 3

I started watching Outlander when I was on maternity leave and used to find myself trapped under Little O for hours. He slept a lot when he was a small baby, which was kind of great… but also kind of not because he refused to sleep not on me so once he had passed out I kind of just had to sit holding him. While the cleanliness of my house suffered, I did get to do a fair bit of binge watching and Outlander was a real favourite.

For those who are not aware of the premise of the show it follows an Englishwoman named, Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) who finds herself transported back in time to Jacobean Scotland. Here she meets a fugitive Highlander named Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and the two fall deeply in love… while also trying to prevent the doomed Scottish rebellion that will end in thousands of deaths.

Season 3 picks up with Claire returned to her old life and time in England pregnant with Jamie’s child. Believing him to be dead she attempts to pick up her relationship with her husband, Frank (Tobias Menzies). The two move to Boston and Claire trains as a surgeon as they raise her daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) together. While Claire tries to make the relationship work she cannot help longing for her lost love.

Meanwhile having survived the Battle of Culloden, Jamie is in prison, facing a miserable existence and just as lost without Claire.

When circumstances lead to Claire’ s discovery that Jamie is still alive twenty years after they were separated she begins to consider going back in time yet again, but will things be the same?

I have to admit that when I got to the end of season 2 I wondered what direction Outlander was going to go in. I have not read the books the series is based on so it seemed a bit like things were hopeless with Claire and Jamie separated. However, looking at the idea of whether love can survive a long separation was very interesting.

I though the way the show approached the moral grey areas of Claire, Frank and Jamie’s behaviour a great watch although I think most viewers would join me wanting the preamble to hurry along so we can see Claire and Jamie back together. It was necessary… but I just wanted to see the lovers reunited.

I won’t spoil the excitement for anyone who isn’t up to date but the reunion between the two is explosive in more ways that one. There’s also lots of adventure to come including secret prophesies, giant sapphires, typhoid, mega storms and a trip to Jamaica! It’s great seeing some of the younger characters grown up but my favourite new character was definitely Mr Willoughby (Gary Young), a Chinese gentleman who has found himself in Scotland and in the employ of Jamie.

In short Outlander continues to deliver… not just because I would watch Sam Heughan watching paint dry. Claire is an excellent example of a strong female character especially considering the time she finds herself in and Catriona Balfe gives me life.

I cannot wait to see what happens in season 4.



  1. I agree that this series does continue to reward sticking with it. I am up to date with the last one I watched (on More 4) I believe, and I will certainly watch the next one. Like you, I never read the books.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Glad to hear you are also a fan, Pete! I am looking forward to season 4!

      1. My kind of TV. We need more stuff of this quality.

  2. Outlander is definitely on my list of things to watch on a rainy day! Even though I haven’t seen the other seasons I did read this post… and I’m so intrigued about the giant sapphires.

    1. I think you’ll enjoy it. Such great characters and a cracking, fast-paced story.

  3. It’s a secret pleasure! xxx

  4. This is on my list of shows to watch. I know I’m majorly behind on it.

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