Universal Yums December box: Christmas around the world

This month’s Universal Yums box featured typical Christmas snacks from around the world. It was a mixed bag. Some stuff was delicious. Other bits were… interesting… 

Garlic Straznicke Bramburky


These garlic crisps are from the Czech Republic. They smelled amazing and tasted delicious while we were eating them, probably because we both love garlic. They really did not mess around with the garlic though and the aftertaste was powerful and very long lasting. I kind of regretted eating them with such enthusiasm.

Brevas con Arequipe


Colombian figs stuffed with caramel, what’s not to love. YUM!

Golden Flake Dill Pickle Chips

Fortunately I really like salt and vinegar because these were like salt and vinegar crisps on the next level. Apparently they’re American and related to people putting pickle ornaments on their trees. Who knew?

Hillier’s Mini Christmas Puddings


So these Aussie treats are like a Christmas pudding flavoured truffle covered in chocolate and they are bloody delicious. I didn’t immediately realise there was a big almond in the middle of it though and I am allergic, hence the face pulling.

Jabri Baklava


This baklava is from Jordan. I can’t normally eat baklava because it’s made with almonds or pistachios but some of these were with cashews, which I am not allergic to. It was delicious. I ate all of them in one sitting!

Yugwa Candy


I don’t know why this South Korean rice dandy has been going since like the year 900 because it it utterly flavourless and has the texture of cardboard.

Mince Pie Candy


Apparently these mince pie sweets are British. I have never seen them before. I guess it’s more supposed to be a representation of the flavours of a mince pie. They weren’t very nice.

This is the final scorecard, bit of a mixed bag.


I don’t know what the next box is going to be filled with since Universal Yums hasn’t shared any hints yet but I can’t wait to find out!


  1. I have lived here all my life, and never seen mince pie sweets.
    I like the look of the stuffed figs, and your face with the ‘cardboard’ was a classic!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It has made me wonder a but about the authenticity of what goes into the boxes. To be honest I was not surprised that the rice things were not very nice. We weren’t sold on the contents of the South Korea box in general when we got it earlier in the year.

  2. And I’ve never seen the Australian thing.

    1. Several people commented on their Instagram saying the same. I hope that most of the contents were authentic, otherwise it is a bit disappointing.

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