Christmasathon: Day 25 & 26

For Christmas Day and Boxing Day we managed to watch a couple of current Christmas specials, which was rather fun.

Day 25: Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time


Set: On Christmas Day
What happens?: The First Doctor and the Twelfth Doctor cross paths on the even of their regenerations and both of them are rather reluctant. There’s also a WWI soldier and a weird future organisation that takes the memories of the dead.
Does it snow?: Yes
Is it heartwarming?: Rather
What lessons are learned?: Earth needs the Doctor. It’s not always an evil plot. Humans are horrible but also brilliant.

“First Doctor: You are me? No! No!
Twelfth Doctor: Yes, yes, I’m very much afraid so.
First Doctor: Do I become you?
Twelfth Doctor: Well, there’s a few false starts, but you get there in the end.
First Doctor: But I thought…
Twelfth Doctor: What?
First Doctor: Well. I assumed, I’d get… younger.
Twelfth Doctor: I am younger!”

The Great Christmas Bake Off: - Paul, Prue, Noel and Sandi

Day 26: The Great British Bake Off – Christmas Special 2017

Set: In the Bake Off tent
What happens?: Four previous contestants return to make festive treats and compete to be Star Baker.
Does it snow?: Yes
Is it heartwarming?: More like greed inducing.
What lessons are learned?: Don’t leave the mirror glaze to the last minute. Making pastry lattices is hard. Paul Hollywood is a cock year round.


  1. I haven’t watched Dr Who since John Pertwee took over, and it all got a bit sillier. (If that was possible…)
    I did see the Bake Off special, as my wife loves to watch it. Personally, I could live very happily without it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I suppose the Bake Off is more fun if you bake. I am not sure if that is a hobby of yours, Pete?

      1. I am more of a cake eater than cake baker, but Noel Fielding has livened up the new series, so I watch it with Julie.

  2. i don’t focus on Paul. Was nice to see some of the old contestants and the Lion guy doing well.

    1. I was glad to see Selassi back. He was one of my favourites.

      1. He was delightful. Such warmth and easy going charm. Would be lovely if he got his own show. I have the other Bake Off special to watch.

  3. I am so in love with the Doctor Who Christmas special!

    1. I am sad to say goodbye to Peter Capaldi!

      1. Me too! I grew so fond of him after Clara was out of the picture.

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