Christmasathon Day 24: Elf

Buddy (Will Ferrell) is abandoned as a baby and adopted by elves. He grows up at the North Pole, raised by Papa Elf (Bob Newhart) with no inkling that he is human, despite the fact that he is huge and rather useless at elf jobs. When he discovers that his real father is alive and well in New York he decides to go and find him. 

What Buddy discovers is that humans are somewhat different from elves. They are a lot less cheerful and enthusiastic and they find him rather puzzlesome. His father (James Caan) also isn’t thrilled to discover he has an adult son as he finds his own wife (Mary Steenburg) and son (Daniel Tay) troublesome enough.



Now Buddy will have to try and bring the Christmas spirit to his new family, while not forgetting his old family and also negotiating his first love interest (Zooey Deschanel).

This film is ridiculously stupid but it doesn’t try to be anything else. Whether or not you enjoy it will depend on whether or not you can suspend your logic and just go with it. It will also depend on how much you enjoy Will Ferell just being Will Ferrell. As I rather enjoy Will Ferrell, I rather enjoyed this.




  1. I have a connection to this film that always makes me laugh. One of my closest (and very serious) friends absolutely loves this film, and I always tease him about it, much to his annoyance. Of course, as I cannot stand to even look at Ferrell, my own opinion is self-evident. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It is funny which silly things appeal to people. I think we all have our guilty pleasures. I rather enjoy a bit of Ferrell so this is one of mine.

  2. Only 3? Such a soft spot for this film. So many funny moments

    1. It definitely has got some golden moments.

      1. I reference “He must be a North Pole elf” more than I should admit ha.

  3. Soft spot for me. I just thinks it’s delightful, goofy, and pretty dang funny. Think about it – Bob Newhart in green tights; a tickle fight with James Caan. Those two things alone sell me! LOL.

    1. Bob Newhart is so good.

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