18 month update

Age: 18 months
I like: All the food, boobs, dancing, other children, The Stick song, being naked

Little O has achieved his second half birthday and is officially closer to two than one. Let’s see how he is doing.


Sleep is continuing to go well although he is still not sleeping through the night. We are starting to see days where he does not nap at all and doesn’t seem too bothered. These can be a bit hair raising as there’s always the worry he will suddenly pass out at 5pm and impact bed time. I have been saying “night night” to him when I take him upstairs for bed for months and he has now started to say it back. He will also sometimes ask to be put in his cot or he will lie down with a blanket and say “night night” so I think the concept of going to bed is starting to make sense to him. He is getting better at putting himself back to sleep as well so he’ll often have dozed back off by the time I get to his room to check on him after he’s woken. These all seem like positive signs.



At the moment Little O is eating voraciously. He is really into beans on toast and raspberries and we now regularly get reports from nursery to say he has had all his food. Often he wants not only his food but yours as well. He mostly feeds himself and it’s an extremely messy and amusing affair. Over the weekend I watched him eat his beans with one and while holding his spoon in the other. It’s the thought that counts, right? He still breastfeeds but I think the focus is comfort rather than nutrition.


Communication and socialisation

Little O’s understanding of what is going on around him is becoming more and more sophisticated and he can now understand simple commands like “go and fetch your cup”. He still doesn’t say all that many words but he is able to explain what he wants by pointing and gesturing. It can be a bit of a case of trial and error though and he can become very frustrated if you don’t figure out exactly what it is that he wants quickly enough. He loves to play with other children and is usually kind even when he is being challenged. A little girl scratched him at playgroup when she didn’t want to share her toy and his response was to kiss her. We had some friends visit on the weekend with their baby and he was fascinated. We had to work hard to stop him from throwing his toy train into the baby’s carry cot though as he was so keen to play.



Little O is now walking very confidently and consistently. Every now and then he decides crawling would be quicker but I think we are close to running… wish me luck.


He dressed himself


No new teeth. I think the bottom canines are next though.



  1. He’s looking great, and doing well. Since turning three this month, our grandson has reverted to the ‘naked state’ whenever he can get away with it. He hates wearing anything! šŸ™‚
    Best wishes to you three for a Happy Christmas.

    1. I was a bit of a nudist myself. Bit more impractical in this climate though.

  2. Oh my god. This little mate is gorgeous. So cute that his response was to kiss the girl who scratched him – clearly a pacifist in his toddlerhood!

  3. He’s doing fantastic as are you and Mr O.

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